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If the potential Kia pickup truck has been in the back of your mind, then you aren’t alone. We find ourselves constantly thinking about it too. We’re truck obsessed! The world might get rocked because new information suggests that two Kia pickup truck models are coming in 2025. 

Is the Kia pickup truck finally happening? 

A rendering of the electric Kia truck ute
Electric Kia Truck rendering | Top Electric SUV

Yes, the Kia pickup truck is on track to arrive in 2025. Motor1 shared that this information has been confirmed by multiple Kia dealerships in Australia. We know the risk with this. It’s possible that the truck won’t be launched in America

However, don’t get bummed out. There are actually two Kia trucks in the works. Kia announced that it will introduce two electric pickup trucks by 2027. One will ride on a dedicated platform, and the other is a strategic model for emerging markets. 

Kia shared that it is currently developing a future pickup truck model that will be highly fit and capable for purpose. Additional details will be confirmed in due course. The Kia Mohave and Kia Telluride could be excellent SUVs to turn into trucks.

The Australian ute is probably the strategic model. It has the project codename ‘TK.’ The dedicated truck will probably follow the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s tracks. Hyundai has been a little ahead of the curve with new trends, and Kia might be able to learn from the Santa Cruz. 

What do we know about the new Kia trucks? 

Information about the two Kia pickup trucks has been kept under wraps, but we do know that the ute is expected to ride on a new body-on-frame platform. This would make it body oriented for off-roading. 

Traditional body-on-frame builds are more durable, allow for more suspension travel, and are easier to repair. Also, Kia has been benchmarking the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. These are two highly capable options in emerging markets. 

The platform will probably support internal combustion engines. This tracks as the TK truck is expected to have a diesel engine to achieve target towing and payload capacity figures. 

Reportedly, Kia has been developing the ute since 2020, but it might not be a compact option. The Kia engineering team has been working on what’s believed to be a larger four-door truck. Plus, the Kia Mohave is a successful rugged SUV in the area with a body-on-frame platform. 

The TK could be based on the Mohave, and several spy photos have captured a mysterious Kia truck with Mohave features. However, the truck is heavily covered by camouflage. The Mohave and diesel engines might not meet American emission standards. 

Plus, if the truck is built in Korea, then it will be subject to the 25% tariff or chicken tax imposed on light-duty trucks imported to America.

What do we suspect about the American Kia truck? 

A rendering for the upcoming Kia truck
Kia pickuptruck rendering | K Designs

The pickup truck that comes to America might be an electric option based on the Kia EV9 SUV. It will be luxurious, comfortable, and capable, like the Rivian R1T. It could also beat the electric Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma EV to market. 

But we’re still hoping for a truck that’s based on the Kia Telluride to emerge. It could have hybrid power like the 2024 Tacoma Hybrid, which would be a little easier for Americans to adopt with the lack of reliable charging infrastructure. 

Also, the Jeep Gladiator 4xe could dominate as one of the only PHEV trucks available, so a Kia PHEV truck would provide stout competition. The Kia EV9 is aiming for 339 miles of range with 379 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. 

That’s a solid amount of power, but we will have to wait for more information. Stay tuned for the latest Kia truck updates. Big things are happening.