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It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since we lost one of the greatest names in motorsports, Ken Block. From his iconic Gymkhana videos to his exciting-to-watch driving across various rally, rallycross, and racing disciplines and his general demeanor, Block was a larger-than-life personality. His tragic death in a snowmobile accident in January 2023 took us all by surprise. Just when we thought we’d never see another Ken Block film, though, Hoonigan took us all by surprise once again.

Electrikhana Two is coming to mark the final Ken Block Hoonigan video

This morning, Hoonigan released a new video on its iconic YouTube channel that likely made all Ken Block fans do a double-take. It’s an official trailer for a sequel to the Audi-sponsored Electrikhana starring the man himself. The opening scene with Block walking down the bleachers in a stadium is almost haunting, both reminding us of his tragic loss and how, indeed, legends never die.

Behind the wheel of the Hoonitron, a dual-motor purpose-built Audi EV, Block absolutely demolishes tires in his traditional sideways style throughout what appears to be Mexico City. From drifting roundabouts and airports to launching the Hoonitron off-ramps, it looks like Electrikhana is going to live up to all the previous Gymkhana expectations and then some.

Ken Block Audi Hoonitron EV jumping in trailer for Electrikhana two on Hoonigan YouTube channel
The Hoonitron | YouTube, Hoonigan

“Ken Block transformed the automotive world with the Gymkhana series of films. And late last year, we filmed what would end up being our last-ever video project with him: Electrikhana TWO. Launching this December” reads the description of the video.

An emotional rollercoaster ending in closure for fans

Ken Block approaching Audi Hoonitron in Electrikhana Two YouTube trailer
Ken Block Approaching the Hoonitron | YouTube, Hoonigan

Many folks in my age range grew up with Ken Block if they were motorsports fans. So, having the chance to see him in his element once last time will certainly be emotional. Still, this is a monumentally pleasant surprise. Block left this world so suddenly that most fans, myself included, safely assumed that we’d never get another video in this iconic series.

Ultimately, we’ll definitely have eyes on the Hoonigan YouTube channel throughout December. There’s zero chance we’ll be missing this one.

Though Ken is gone, the Block name lives on in a remarkable fashion. His daughter Lia just won the American Rally Association’s Open two-wheel drive championship. In addition, she took a victorious tribute sprint up Pike’s Peak in the Hoonipigasus, the custom-built Porsche that Ken had built specifically for Hillclimb events. Perhaps someday Lia will grace us with a rebirth of the Gymkhana series.

For now, though, we’re more than happy to see Ken shredding a car once again.