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There’s no shortage of representation for Porsche at the legendary Pikes Peak annual hill climb in Colorado. However, one Porsche, in particular, this year is exceptionally bonkers. It’s a wide, low, loud, and eye-catching monster of a car. However, it’s also special because Hoonigan co-founder and professional driving legend Ken Block is behind the wheel. He’s mostly known for his efforts in Rally and his iconic Gymkhana video series. However, he’s branching out into one of the most dangerous car racing events in the world.

The Hoonipigasus is a 1,500 horsepower Porsche 911 powerhouse

Hoonigan Porsche 911 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Car Hoonipigasus custom BBi Autosport
The Hoonipigasus | Hoonigan, Youtube

Hoonigan recently revealed Ken Block’s new monstrous Porsche 911 build for attaching the roads of Pikes Peak during the legendary annual hill climb event at Pikes Peak in Colorado. More recently, a video of the car’s first start, drive, and some track testing offers us the chance to hear this absolutely insane vehicle scream. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome.

At the beginning of the video, Ken Block states that the car did not even have its proper engine at the time of the big reveal Hoonigan hosted a few weeks back. So, despite the car being largely finished in terms of aerodynamics, Block had not even started the car at the time. So, the day of filming this video was actually the first time the car started.

The Porsche 911 in question, known as the Hoonipigasus, is an extremely wide car with a custom body. The aerodynamics are made specifically for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The car comes courtesy of legendary Porsche modifying and tuning shop BBi Autosport. It has a twin-turbocharged Porsche flat-six engine with a water/methanol injection system that is good for up to 1,500 horsepower.

However, on day one of testing, the team starts off very gentle with the car in order to properly break it in. With the car making a fraction of its maximum horsepower, Block hops in the driver seat to take the vehicle for a few test laps around the test track in Pueblo, Colorado, to closely resemble the atmosphere the car will start with at the base of Pikes Peak.

After some refinement to the suspension settings and properly breaking the engine in, though, BBi turns things up a bit.

Listen to the relentless scream of this twin-turbo Porsche brute!

To simply say this car sounds good is almost a bit insulting. However, it’s a great place to start.
Despite the engine still not being at its full power level, the Hoonipigasus Porsche 911 makes an absolutely astonishing screaming sound as Block takes it around the track. The remarkably fast shifts from the transmission combined with the screaming exhaust make for some of the most exhilarating and sensational racecar sounds one could ever hear.

The video concludes with Block stating that they still have some testing to do. However, if you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see this car running full-tilt, don’t feel let down! One of the sponsors of the vehicle, Mobil1, also recently posted a fantastic video of the car testing during the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb test weekend.

We can’t wait to see the footage of this car running at its max during the Pike’s Peak hill climb. The event is on Sunday, June 26th, at Pike’s Peak near Colorado Springs, Colorado. This monster of a Porsche 911 and dozens of other incredible cars are converging at the base of the mountain. All the drivers have sights set on the same goal; making it to the summit of Pikes Peak at over 14,000 feet high as quickly as possible.


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