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Recently, iconic Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari banned pop icon Justin Bieber from purchasing its cars. Though the reasoning behind the ban seems a bit petty, it didn’t stop another Italian icon from partnering with Bieber. Who needs a Ferrari when you have your very own Vespa?

Justin Bieber x Vespa collab is a bit odd, but why not, right?

closeup of white Vespa sprint logo much like the model Justin Bieber collaborated on
Vespa logo on white scooter | Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

In a recent Vespa press release, the Italian luxury scooter manufacturer announced that Justin Bieber aided in the design of a new scooter.

The scooter has classic Vespa styling with a bit of added flair from Bieber’s camp. It’s solely available in white with a touch of classic hot rod flames. However, the flames are very subtle and actually quite tasteful. That is, in terms of putting flames on a scooter. Best of all, an exclusive limited edition is available that includes a bag, a pair of gloves, and an all-white helmet with matching flames.

Evidently, this collaboration wasn’t born out of thin air. Bieber apparently already was a Vespa fan.

“I love Vespa, and to partner with such a classic brand is so cool. Being able to express myself, whether it’s through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, being able to create something from nothing – it’s a part of me. Ultimately the goal in creating and designing is always to put your own unique spin on things”, said Bieber.

His story checks out, too. In late 2020, TMZ published pictures of Bieber cruising out of his Beverly Hills driveway on a bright yellow Vespa scooter.

“The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, probably either London or Paris. I just remember seeing a Vespa and being like, ‘I want to ride one of those,’ and I had such a great time, just the wind flying through my hair, the freedom. It was fun,” Bieber told Vespa.

How much is the Justin Bieber Vespa scooter?

The Justin Bieber x Vespa collaborative Vespa Sprint is available with a 50cc, 125cc, or 150cc engine. However, it seems that the 125cc models are no longer available as they’ve been removed from the Vespa store.

The 50cc model costs $4,999. If you need a little bit more grunt than that, the 150cc variant comes in at $6,549. It’s also worth noting that these prices are before any taxes and associated delivery fees.

To each their own, but those price points can land you a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 400. Though, their disciplines are, of course, quite a bit different. You have to admit that cruising a Vespa around is a fun time. You don’t have to admit it publicly, but everyone knows you can’t hate them deep down inside.

If the Justin Bieber x Vespa Sprint 50 or 150 is up your alley, you’d better hurry. Vespa will only manufacture them through the end of the year. So you’d best get your orders in before you miss your opportunity.

Overall, this is a pretty cool and unique collaboration. Though at first, it seems a bit bizarre, it’s fantastic to see Bieber getting to put his artistic spin on something he truly enjoys.

After all, we certainly know a Bieber x Ferrari collaboration isn’t coming any time soon. Perhaps Lamborghini could be next, though?


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