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Jeep is one of the most innovative automakers on the market. However, one of its future offerings is gaining widespread attention due to what it represents. The Jeep Recon will arrive in 2024, and many are wondering what it means for other Jeep SUVs, such as the Renegade and the Wrangler. Though there is some concern, it seems Jeep is doing what it always does and wants to help move the industry forward with a twist on its ultra-popular Wrangler.

Why pick the Recon?

2004 Jeep Recon
2024 Jeep Recon | Stellantis

The Jeep Wrangler is an icon on the roads and the trails. It’s a versatile SUV that, while not for everyone, is one of the longest-running SUV nameplates. However, many people overlook it due to poor fuel economy. For context, the latest model in the lineup only gets up to 22 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway, which is an improvement for the SUV. Fuel economy isn’t something most Jeep SUV models are not regarded for.

That’s where the Jeep Recon comes in, as the upcoming Jeep EV is a way to bring more people into what the Wrangler has always been. No official specifications about the Jeep EV have yet been released, but MotorTrend expects that at least one of the trims will offer a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge. Of course, it’s also likely that the automaker will offer various battery sizes for the Recon, resulting in different levels of power and range.

Competition for other eclectic off-roading SUVs

2024 Jeep Recon without doors
2024 Jeep Recon | Stellantis

Other all-electric off-roading SUVs are coming to the market. However, the Jeep EV is one of the most highly anticipated. One of the others is the Tesla Cybertruck, which the automaker has discussed and tested for years now. It should be out before the Jeep Recon, as it has a planned 2023 release, with the quad motor version being one of the first.

The Ford Bronco is a popular vehicle, so of course, the automaker has teased plans to make an all-electric version. Though not officially announced, the world expects the Ford Bronco EV to arrive by 2026, so the Jeep EV will have time to gain in popularity. Of course, there is also the Hummer EV SUV, which the Jeep Recon will be a direct competitor of.

Moving the industry forward

2024 Jeep Recon is one of the upcoming Jeep SUV models
2024 Jeep Recon | Stellantis

Like most Jeep SUV models, the Recon will hopefully move the industry forward. Though EVs are much more mainstream than they once were, there is still a level of distrust from many buyers. This is especially true for people who enjoy off-roading. The thought many people have is that full EVs are not powerful enough to do proper off-roading. Of course, the Rivian pickup truck proves otherwise, but most people need several examples of powerful off-roading EV SUVs and trucks.

What gives the Jeep EV a leg up on the competition is the fact that it comes from a trusted automaker. Of course, not every Jeep is perfect, but the automaker modeled the Recon after what people considered its most iconic SUV. Regarding price, this Wrangler like Jeep should cost around $60,000.


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