Jason Momoa Admits His Harley Collection Is at Odds With His Eco-Friendly Stance

While the burly 6-foot 4-inch Aquaman actor might not look like the typical environmentalist, Jason Momoa has become known for his eco-friendly stance. So, when looking at the surface, Momoa’s role as an environmentalist may seem to contradict his love for all things Harley-Davidson. However, Momoa has been able to find balance when it comes to protecting the environment and riding the motorcycles he loves. Read on to learn more about Jason Momoa’s environmentalist beliefs and how he balances these views with his insane motorcycle collection. 

Jason Momoa is all about being eco-friendly 

Jason Momoa and James Corden looking at a pair of motorcycles on 'The Late Show with James Corden'
Jason Momoa and James Corden looking at a pair of motorcycles | Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

Jason Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1979. However, he spent most of his youth with his mother in Norwalk, Iowa. Once high school graduation rolled around, Momoa traveled back to his father’s native Hawaii and landed his first acting gig at just 19-years-old in the action drama series Baywatch Hawaii. According to IMDb, Momoa went on to have an impressive acting career. 

Momoa’s biggest acting gigs have come from the 2004 TV series Stargate: Atlantis, the 2011 HBO series Game of Thrones, the 2011 film Conan the Barbarian. Momoa is also widely known for his recurring appearance as Aquaman in the superhero films created within the DC Extended Universe. All those films portraying Aquaman must have rubbed off on his personal life, too, as Momoa has taken a firm stance on protecting marine ecosystems and supplying clean water sources to the world. 

He has an obsession with Harley-Davidson motorcycles 

While Momoa is passionate about protecting marine ecosystems and being eco-friendly, he is equally passionate about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and essentially anything that goes “vroom, vroom.” Momoa recently told Men’s Journal, “I hoard everything when it comes to bikes and trucks and cars.” During the interview, Momoa also admitted that he’s a “gas and oil guy” and that there’s just something special about the guttural sound “when you kickstart the bike and the motor growls right back at you.” 

Despite Momoa’s love for vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles, cars, and trucks, he’s been moving more toward the electric side of things to fulfill his need to be eco-friendly as well. During his interview, Momoa revealed, “A lot of my trucks have been converted into e-vehicles. I run solar power, and I love Harley’s electric LiveWire. You twist the throttle and jump to 100 miles an hour in three or four seconds. It’s a whole different sport, and there ain’t nothin’ about it except—bravo!” With statements like these, it’s easy to see that Jason Momoa’s love for Harley-Davidson runs deep. 

Momoa’s motorcycle collection is insane


Harley-Davidson Introduces Electric E-Bike Line

While Momoa is making huge efforts toward moving electric, his epic motorcycle collection still includes some classics. Through his acting success, Momoa certainly has acquired enough spending money to buy all the motorcycles he could ever want. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Momoa and his wife, actor Lisa Bonet, have a combined net worth of $14 million, providing plenty of funds for Momoa’s Harley collection.

When discussing his collection, Momoa said, “I feel like I’m in a time capsule,” with his bikes spanning from the early 1900s to the present day in his garage. Momoa’s favorite motorcycles in his epic Harley-Davidson collection are the 1916 Model J, 1936 Knucklehead, and 1956 Panhead. Momoa even calls his 1956 Panhead Mabel after his grandmother, proving just how special the bike is to him. While Momoa does have his favorites, he admitted, “I love them all—knuckles, pans, shovels. They’re all different, they all sound great, and they’re all f*cking awesome.”