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Get ready to start your little tiny engines. Aston Martin is teaming up with The Little Car Company to make pint-size versions of James Bond’s favorite car, the DB5. What are these little cars hiding under the hood? Enough power to hit 45 mph.

James Bond’a second favorite, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Aston Martin DB5 Junior is James Bond's favorite car
The Aston Martin DB5 Junior is a tiny version of James Bond’s favorite car | Little Car Company

The Little Car Company will have a few different versions of the Aston Martin DB5 soon. “Arguably the most famous car in the world, the iconic DB5 has firmly secured its place in automotive history,” the company noted. The Little Car Company will offer the DB5 Junior, DB5 Vantage Junior, and the DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition.

The DB5 Junior starts at around $47,999 and has 5kW / 6.7 bhp. It comes with a 1.8kWh battery and is suitable for novice and expert mini-drivers.

The DB5 Vantage Junior has 10kW / 13.4 bhp and two 1.8kWh batteries. The Junior vehicle offers a limited-slip differential and has a few extra driving modes. This one will run buyers $61,000.

But the real deal is the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition. This 2:3 scale model of the actual DB5 comes with 16kW / 21.5 bhp and a top speed of 45 mph. It has four of the 1.8 kWh batteries and comes with a variety of “gadgets.” These include mini-guns, smoke screens, skid mode, and a hidden gadgets switch panel. This one will run buyers $123,320.

The Aston Martin DB5 No Time To Die Edition

While some Aston Martin and James Bond purists might argue that it isn’t quite an exact replica, it’s good enough for us. The Little Car Company versions have room for two and don’t have a roof. This makes it easier for children and adults to get in and out of. Plus, the electric powertrain is pretty cool.

The company only plans to make 125 of this version, so you won’t be able to snag one for long. Buyers can inquire directly from the company to get more information about the production timeline. A $123,320 electric vehicle Aston Martin for kids probably won’t be flying off the Walmart shelves anytime soon, but this certainly caters to a particular niche clientele.

How much are adult-size recreations going for?


Your Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake Will Cost an Arm and a (Gold) Finger

The Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation is too cool to drive on the roads. Technically, it’s illegal to drive on the streets because of the movie-accurate rotating license plate feature. Like the original James Bond car from 1964, the Continuation is built at Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell.

Only 25 DB5 Goldfinger Continuation were made, all painted in Silver Birch as expected. This recreation was to celebrate the 25th installment, No Time to Die. In addition to the rotating plates, it had a bullet-resistant shield protecting the rear window. No DB5 was complete without hidden buttons to send smoke and oil out of the back of the car to thwart any swift takeovers.

As previously mentioned, Aston Martin made only 25 of the Continuation. This made the price pretty hefty, coming in at just over $3.5 million if you could even get your hands on one.