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Jaguar is making moves. The British luxury car marque will reportedly discontinue production of the Jaguar XF, F-PACE, and E-PACE by mid-2024. Moreover, the controversial move will set the stage for the next generation of luxury electric vehicles (EVs) from the storied automaker. 

Jaguar reported to shut down production of the XF sedan, F-PACE, and E-PACE to make way for next-gen EVs

Jaguar, half of the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) equation will shut down most of its models’ production by June. Unsurprisingly, the move will make room for the brand’s next-generation EVs. The Jaguar Electric Architecture, or JEA, will take over from the current lineup. What’s more, a four-seater EV GT is likely to be the first roll-out, undoubtedly a successor to the F-TYPE and XK before it. 

The Jaguar three models, the XF sedan, E-PACE, and F-PACE, will head out of production in June, per Car and Driver. It’s a big move, as it leaves just the I-PACE rolling off assembly lines after the summer of 2024. However, the electrified Jag won’t be around for long; the British luxury car marque is reported discontinuing the I-PACE by year’s end. It’s a big year for the big cats. The sleek, supercharged F-TYPE luxury performance car will sunset in 2024.

A gray Jaguar XF sedan shows off its front-end styling.
Jaguar XF | Jaguar Land Rover

As such, the 2024 models are, barring some limited final edition, the final old-school gas-powered Jags. It’s a bittersweet affair; Jaguar’s history with orchestral inline-six cylinder roadsters is nothing short of spectacular. What else could Steve McQueen, Mike Tyson, and Frank Sinatra have in common? I’ll tell you. It’s a charmingly desirable little sports GT by the name of “E-Type.”

Of course, all hope isn’t lost for the brand’s faithful. Jaguar will live on to produce posh, electrified vehicles. Jaguar claims that, although production is ending, its stock of vehicles will continue to sell. Furthermore, the marque’s enthusiasts have no shortage of options in the used car market. From the F-TYPE and XK GT cars to the performance SUV appeal of the supercharged F-PACE SVR, car buyers can still find gas-burning, continent-crushing Jags.