Is Your 2016 Ford Explorer Steering Wheel Squeaking?

The Ford Explorer has long been a popular SUV amongst the competition. In fact, it’s a staple in its class. But if you bought a new or used 2016 Ford Explorer, you might experience the steering wheel squeaking. This and other 2016 Ford Explorer problems keep it from being a good used SUV.

A Ford Explorer on display at a 2016 auto show is now giving owners problems
A 2016 Ford Explorer on display at an auto show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

On CarComplaints, the 2016 Ford Explorer has a “beware of the clunker” badge attached to its name. It’s racked up a ton of complaints. Of the people out there dealing with Ford Explorer problems, a number of owners report that their 2016 Ford Explorer steering wheel is squeaking.

2016 Ford Explorer problems

According to CarComplaints, there are a lot of common Ford Explorer problems. The most reported issue is with the transmission. But even if your issue isn’t of that nature, there’s a chance your Explorer still has issues. The 2016 Ford Explorer steering wheel squeaking is just one of several.

According to CarComplaints, the 2016 Ford Explorer shows 376 complaints recorded. It’s not a fool-proof buy. If you want a good used SUV, you might want to look elsewhere. 146 owners report issues with the engine. Engine problems are not fun to deal with. They can prove extremely dangerous in addition to racking up high potential repair costs.

Steering wheel issues are the second most reported 20216 Ford Explorer problem. Not only do owners report squeaking, but the 2016 For Explorer steering wheel also causes other issues for owners. For example, some say they’ve experienced power steering failure.

Is your steering wheel squeaking?

The 2016 Ford Explorer steering wheel is apparently a real bother for some. Several owners report an alarming squeaking sound coming from the steering wheel. Many have also reported this issue on the Car Problems platform.

A red 2016 Ford Explorer on display at an auto show, is giving owners problems
The 2016 Ford Explorer | David McNew/Getty Images

Some drivers say that they had to replace the steering rack and pinion on their Ford Explorer model. In fact, the problem seems to be a trend. Additionally, owners complain that Ford doesn’t cover the repair. Various testimonies show a cost of $1,800 – $2,500 for the necessary repairs.

The National High Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows nine recalls for the 2016 Ford Explorer. This is a lot to rack up. Overall, after reading owner reviews, this model is not one that we feel right recommending. If you do have issues with your 2016 Ford Explorer steering wheel or any other issue, don’t hesitate to take it to the dealer. If your problem is related to any of the recalls, Ford will help you out and get your SUV back up to safe standards.

Is the Ford Explorer a good used SUV?

If you are looking for a good used SUV, the 2016 Ford Explorer isn’t a good model to buy. There are thousands of owner complaints documented online. While the Explorer itself is not a bad SUV model, the issues owners have dealt with in the 2016 model year just aren’t worth the risk.

Ford Explorers being assembled in a plant
A Ford Explorers gets a final inspection as they roll off the assembly line | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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The 2015 and 2018 model years show far fewer complaints from owners on the CarComplaints website. If you are cool with going a bit older in the model years, the 2012 Ford Explorer also shows significantly fewer complaints. While we can’t dog the Ford Explorer in and of itself, the 2016 model year looks like one to avoid.