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Taking your vehicle to a car wash can save you a ton of time. Though your car will not get that personal attention it would have got if you were to wash it yourself, you benefit from having it professionally washed. One of the benefits of using a car wash is the access you get to different wash packages such as the ultimate car wash which includes extras such as waxing. However, is the additional car wash wax worth the extra coin?

The benefit of car wash wax

Even though the car wash wax is still partially liquid, it is still capable of providing your vehicle with UV protection and the great shine you might be looking for. It is also a great alternative to the traditional waxes due to its simplicity in application.

The spray wax also helps restore and maintain your vehicle’s clear coat and is an effective way to quickly and easily get your vehicle waxed. With spray waxes, there is also no need for you to buff the wax once the application is done. It stays as shiny as how it was when it was applied and even helps prevent water spots as your vehicle dries.

Drawbacks of car wash wax

One of the setbacks of the car wash wax is that it does not provide personalized attention to your vehicle. Also, if there is debris or dirt leftover, the spray wax might make scratches worse. This is because the pressure from the spray further grinds the dirt and debris into your vehicle’s paint.

In addition to that, the extras that come with the ultimate car wash package can sometimes be expensive; especially if you want it done with a more personal touch.

While it does leave your car shiny, the car wash wax does not last as long as that applied by hand. On top of that, it can get onto your windshield, causing smearing. This could lead to dangerous driving conditions because it might compromise your vision. In addition, too many applications of spray wax without a reset wash can cause cloudy clear coat. In time, without a few proper handwashes a year, spray wax can actually make your paint look worse.

Is the wax worth it?

A hand-applied car wax job
Hand wash and wax | Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Wax is great for not only keeping your car looking shiny and brand new, but it also helps prevent scratches. However, if you want to get the most out of it, then it should be done by hand. This enables your car to get an extra level of protection.

According to experts, the finish on vehicles built recently is going to last a long time and will have your car looking good even without waxing it frequently. When it comes to the spray-on wax used in most car washes, it is more for cosmetic benefits than anything.

Hand Wax is a better alternative to car wash wax

Applying car wax by hand will allow you to have a better chance to go over duller spots, giving them that extra attention. You could even buff spots out and create a more lasting shine.

Every driver will agree that this attention to detail is crucial for your car. Unfortunately, the fast wax or spray wax at a car wash cannot achieve this attention to detail. However, several experts agree that it is better to have any wax than have no wax whatsoever.

Spray wax is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your car

Having seen the advantages and disadvantages of the car wash wax, is it worth the extra expense? That entirely depends on the exterior look you are trying to achieve and how deep your pockets are.

It isn’t as good as applying the wax by hand, so do not expect to either have the same results or for the results to last as long. However, even a basic wax will enhance your car’s existing shine. The decision is yours!