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The Rivian R1T was the first electric pickup truck to market. Though its size is somewhere between a midsize and full-size truck, its bed is just 4.5 feet long. The Rivian truck’s bed actually offers less storage volume than the compact Ford Maverick’s bed. But with an underbed compartment and gear tunnel, the Rivian has more storage space overall.

How big is the Ford Maverick’s bed?

The Ford Maverick’s truck bed is almost a perfect square: 54.4 inches (4.5 feet) long by 53.3 inches wide. Ford chose to make this bed 30 inches tall with its load floor extending below the wheel wells. The result has 33.3 cubic feet of storage space.

Photo of a Ford Maverick parked in a driveway with its tailgate down, showing its pickup truck bed.
2022 Ford Maverick FLEXBED | Ford

Ford brands the Maverick’s bed as the “Flexbed.” This is because the automaker has done its best to make its smallest pickup bed as flexible as possible. Instead of building out storage areas in the Maverick’s bed, Ford chose to leave this short bed open to make the largest and most flexible cargo space possible.

The Maverick truck’s bed includes pockets for both 2×4 and 2×6 boards. If you own a Maverick you can build shelves in its bed or insert vertical dividers to create multiple storage areas. In addition, the Maverick’s bed rails are engineered to take regular nuts and bolts so you can build your own tie-down system.

In addition, you can equip your Ford Maverick’s bed with power outlets. Finally, its tailgate has multiple positions, including one position at the height of the flat-top fender wells to support large cargo such as sheets of plywood.

How big is the Rivian electric truck’s bed?

The all-new Rivian electric pickup truck has a bed that’s 54.1 inches (4.5 feet) long and 51.1 inches wide. The startup company engineered several clever storage solutions to make up for this, including a tailgate that extends the loading floor to 83.6 inches (6.9 feet) when lowered.

Reviewers stack logs in a Rivian electric truck.
Rivian R1T | TFL Truck via Youtube

The Rivian truck bed is just 18.3 inches tall, and this falls to 17 vertical inches with the tonneau cover closed. That is because the Rivian features a full-width loading floor that sits above the wheel wells. Underneath this floor, Rivian offers an in-bed trunk similar to the Honda Ridgeline’s. This trunk can fit a full-size tire or function as a cooler.

Because the Rivian has now internal combustion motor under the hood, it also offers a front trunk. This frunk is 25.4 inches long and 54.8 inches wide, offering an additional 11 cubic feet of storage space. Like the in-bed trunk, the Rivian’s frunk offers a drain plug.

Between Rivian’s rear seat and its truck bed, it offers a full-width “gear tunnel.” You access this tunnel through fold down doors that can hold your weight if you need to access an aftermarket roof-rack or reach into a fully-loaded bed. This tunnel is waterproof and offers power outlets. It is 20.7 inches tall, 18.4 inches front to back and 64 inches door-to-door.

Which truck offers more space?

Promo photo of a couple camping next to a Rivian R1T electric pickup truck.
2021 Rivian R1T | Rivian

If you are a dedicated DIYer, Ford makes one of the most flexible compact truck beds in the market. Sure, you may have to build your own brackets or shelving, but you can outfit it for many different jobs.

The Rivian’s storage space is more oriented towards keeping your camping gear sorted in an extended off-road adventure. And to this end, it seems that Rivian has thought of everything.

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