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The Baja 1000 is an incredible test of skill, strength, and endurance of both a vehicle and a driver or rider. It takes all the grit you’ve got just to finish. But this year has been a weird year for all of us, to say the least. Many of our favorite and most looked-forward to events have been canceled due to the global pandemic. Will the 2020 Baja 1000 also make the list of canceled sporting events?

Is it still on this year?

SCG Baja Boot side
SCG Baja Boot side | Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

For 2020, dude to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, so much has been canceled. What about the Baja 1000? Is it still on? According to BFGoodrich Racing, it’s still going to happen. The ‘Granddaddy of all off-road races’ isn’t canceled. Much to the joy of those brave enough to take it on––especially the ones that have done it, and look forward each year to next race.

This year, it will once again be held in Ensenada. The race has been revised, however. It’s now a single loop rather than the point A to point B race map we’ve seen in the past. There are several races in the SCORE World Desert Championship each year. The Baja 1000 is the culmination of the excitement––the season finale.

What are the changes for 2020?

“SCORE will continue to monitor the current COVID-19 status, recommendations of both the U.S. and Mexico governments and will make any further adjustments as required.”

Jose A. Grijalva, SCORE President/Race Director
schedules are changing due tp coronavirus, as detailed in this banner from SCORE international
Banner | SCORE International

The President and Director said of the race changes: “Based on the economic impact and in support of our racers, the 2nd SCORE Baja 400 will not take place in 2020 and the SCORE Baja 1000 will move from a point-to-point race to a single loop race.” This year is bound to be a bit different, due to the pandemic. However, the race should still prove just as exciting as ever.  

Jose A. Grijalva also said “The health and safety of our racers, teams, fans and media is of paramount importance to SCORE and we believe these modifications will afford us the opportunity to have another memorable SCORE Baja racing season. We urge all of our stakeholders to follow the established guidelines by health officials so we can go racing sooner than later.” Clearly SCORE is doing its part to ensure safety and fun for everyone.

2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford-001 built for racing in the desert
2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford

Is the Baja 250 Canceled?

According to SCORE, the Baja 500 was rescheduled from June 17-21. Now, it’s set to start in September. For 2020, the Baja 500 even will go from September 22-27. But what about the Baja 250, otherwise known as the San Felipe 250? Earlier this year, the Baja 250 race was set for September 16-20. Now, however, the 34th SCORE San Felipe 250 is canceled. According to SCORE International, entry fees from the San Felipe 250 can either be returned or credited to the fees for entering the Baja 500.

The Baja 100 will still take place. As we mentioned, it’s going to be a complete loop race. This year, it is scheduled for November 17-22––according to the updated SCORE International schedule.

A Ford Baja Raptor racing through a desert terrain. this year the race will have some changes due to the ongoing pandemic
A truck racing through the desert | Jose Manuel Alvarez Rey/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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Where Does the Baja 1000 end?

According to RedBull, the race has a history of starting in Ensenada, Mexico, and ending in La Paz. This year, the start and finish will be in Ensenada. Although, this is not the first year the race map has shown a start and finish in the same location. Either way, racers and crews are probably stoked that the best week of the year isn’t canceled due to pandemic complications in 2020.