Is GMC Tricking You Into Buying Pickup Trucks?

GMC pickup trucks have lately been marketed as a ‘premium’ level truck brand. According to this article on Good Car Bad Car, it’s all about perception. The marketing team at GMC saw a window and took the opportunity to fill a hole in the segment. Whether the trucks are actually more premium than the mainstream Ford, Chevy, or Ram trucks is––apparently––left to the perception of consumers and critics alike.

If you advertise something as ‘premium,’ it starts getting attention apparently. It may not actually be on another level than the competition. But by merely naming a niche, one can create a market.

The GMC Sierra Denali

The Denali trim has been extremely successful. This range-topper caters to the idea that GMC trucks are somehow all on a premium level above other trucks. But what features come standard on the Denali? Is it actually premium quality? What goes into this GMC truck trim that makes it stand out in terms of luxury?

a gray GMC Sierra Denali parked in a gravel yard
2020 GMC Sierra Denali

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According to US News and World Report, the top trim Sierra Denali starts at $54,700. This GMC Sierra pickup truck model comes with standard front and rear parking sensors, a safety alert seat, and wireless device charging. In addition, the Sierra Denali features the upper level interior trim package. Plus, it gets standard lane change alerts, a blind spot monitoring system, and rear cross traffic alerts. The pickup truck also features an upgraded infotainment setup with a Bose audio system. Navigation is also included.

However, the Ram 1500 is considered the most luxurious pickup by several publications. Even the US News review mentions that the Ford F-150 is a better truck. So how does GMC use this ‘premium’ ploy to boost sales?

Perception is everything

The GMC Marketing found a niche and put the Sierra pickup truck in it. The GMC Sierra attracts buyers as a ‘premium‘ truck option simply by saying that’s what it is. In fact, the article by Good Car Bad Car references the old saying ‘fake it till you make it.’

2020 GMC Sierra pickup truck Interior
2020 GMC Sierra Interior | GMC

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In a world where advertising is very much a dynamic and fluid aspect of sales, a pickup truck can merely claim ‘premium’ status and reap the benefits. People are buying this pickup truck because it’s a good truck. But that isn’t the only reason. People are also buying the GMC Sierra pickup truck because it’s marketed as a more luxury end truck. Even if critics think the Ram 1500 or the Ford F-150 actually beat out the GMC Sierra in terms of top trim luxury, the GMC is still sold under the guise of it being a ‘premium’ truck brand.

The Yukon Denali

The new GMC Yukon Denali is, in fact, luxurious. If the GMC Sierra took more notes from the large SUV in the brand’s lineup, we may actually touch on ‘premium.’ The Good Car Bad Car article agrees that the Yukon Denali is a ‘premium SUV. In addition, we have to agree with the stance that the GMC Sierra Denali needs to catch up.

The 2021 Yukon Denali interior has a 10.2-inch center touchscreen.
2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali Interior | GMC

More leather, more attention to detail, and more all around comfort would really bump up the GMC Sierra pickup truck. Still, people are still buying this truck thinking that they scored a ‘premium’ pickup. GMC might be tricking people into buying trucks.