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What makes a vehicle a luxury vehicle? Is it the heated leather seats, colossal infotainment screens, or the brand name? For the Chrysler 300, the answer isn’t that straightforward.

Chrysler is not a luxury brand

For better or worse, Chrysler can not be legitimately called a luxury brand. It’s also not exactly mainstream. The American automaker seems to fall somewhere in between the two, making Chrysler a unique brand in a crowded market.

It’s strange how Chrysler continues to stay afloat, as it only offers three vehicles. These are the Chrysler Pacifica, the Pacifica Hybrid, and the 300. There are no SUVs or trucks in the lineup, which is where most automakers are bringing in the majority of their money.

In spite of this, Chrysler is still in business, and while not thriving, it is bringing in a profit. The latest sales reports from Stellantis reveal that the Chrysler brand is up 10% in the U.S. from last year. The Pacifica sold 10% more vehicles than it did in 2022, and the 300 is up by 9%.

Rumor has it that there are more Chrysler models coming down the pipe, although it’s unclear how many or when. We do know that there is the Airflow EV, but this is going back to the drawing board to be redesigned. 

It now appears that the 300 might also be on the chopping block as Chrysler tries to make a comeback. As to the other vehicles Chrysler will release, we don’t know much more. 

Where does the Chrysler 300 fall?

For shoppers who are interested in a 300, you may be curious to know if it’s a true luxury vehicle. Chrysler certainly markets it as one, but what’s the real story?

If you look at the 300 objectively, it’s easy to see why others consider it a luxury vehicle. It offers four trim levels, and each of them hit the mark of what a luxury vehicle should be. But what is that, exactly?

Most critics like consider a luxury vehicle to be built using high-quality materials. This means leather seats with heating and lumbar support, no cheap plastics, powerful engines, and superior sound systems. 

It also goes beyond this to how the vehicle feels when you drive it. Is it quiet inside, with a smooth ride that doesn’t jar you with every bump you hit on the road? If the answer is yes for at least most of these answers, then the vehicle can be considered a luxury even if it’s not coming from a luxury brand. In the case of the 2023 Chrysler 300, it certainly meets these criteria.

This is why the Chrysler 300 is a luxury vehicle

There are four trims for the Chrysler 300, and the higher trims are definitely luxury vehicles. The Touring trim is certainly a nice vehicle, but perhaps not deserving of being called luxury. You can add on extra packages which increase the luxe factor, but it’s not offered standard.

The lower trims offer a 3.6-liter V6 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Higher trims have a 5.7-liter V8. Some trims are available with AWD.

The interior offers a lot of room for both those in the front and any passengers relegated to the back, and the trunk is wide and spacious. Higher trim levels also make heated seats in the front and rear standard, although it’s not available on the base Touring or Touring L trims.

The Touring L certainly adds more features, like blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert,  Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and leather seats. Alpine premium brand speakers and heated seats are standard on the 300S V6 trim. Finally, the 300S V8 trim has Harman/Kardon premium brand speakers and 19 total speakers.

The price range for the 2023 Chrysler 300 ranges from $34,295 to $46,000. If you’re interested in a luxury-ish vehicle that doesn’t cost in excess of $50,000, you should check out the Chrysler 300.