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Leasing a car is an easy and cost-effective way to drive a new car for a few years. When a customer leases a new car, they sign on to basically rent it for a specified amount of time and with a certain mileage allotment during that period.

Most leases account for the lessee to drive around 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year, and if they exceed the miles at the end of the lease term, they’ll have to pay for them. Fortunately, Infiniti is changing the game when it comes to leasing, making any mileage overages a thing of the past.

Infiniti’s SignatureFLEX leasing program allows for more flexibility

The Infiniti logo
The Infiniti logo | Getty Images

Infiniti recently announced its all-new SignatureFLEX leasing program, which allows new lessees to add miles during their lease contract. Although this leasing structure works well for lessees that drive a lot during the year and need to add miles to their existing lease, it also works for those that drive fewer miles. For example, Infiniti offers leases with a 5,000-mile-per-year allotment for three years for those that barely drive (i.e., work-from-home types).

If those ultra-low-mileage lessees think that they need to add more miles onto their leases, they can.

“SignatureFLEX is the latest example of how we are tailoring the Infiniti experience to offer unprecedented convenience and flexibility to our clients,” said Craig Keeys, Group Vice President at Infiniti Americas, in a release. “Alongside Infiniti Premium Care and our MyInfiniti app, SignatureFLEX helps elevate the Infiniti ownership experience, allowing owners to enjoy their vehicle without the additional worry about lease mileage limits.”

Infiniti has other programs that make the lease experience easy

The outside of an Infiniti dealership.
The outside of an Infiniti dealership | Getty Images

In addition to the SignatureFLEX lease program, Infiniti makes leasing easier by offering other programs to lessees. Since maintenance is required on every car, Infiniti aimed to make it easier by offering its Premium Care integrated coverage program on all of its 2023 model-year leases. This program covers all of the three-year scheduled maintenance items, including:

  • Oil changes and tire rotations
  • Inspections
  • Brake fluid changes
  • In-cabin air filter replacement
  • Tire road hazard
  • Car rental assistance

Some dealers may even include Infiniti valet, which provides pickup and delivery of the vehicle to the customer’s home or office. Essentially, Infiniti is offering a full-service leasing experience that can be tailored to fit nearly any lessee.  

Is getting a low-mileage car lease a good idea?

An Infiniti badge on a car.
An Infiniti badge on a car | Getty Images

A low-mileage car lease is a great idea if you don’t drive too often. For example, if you work from home and only use the car for around-town errands, then a 5,000-mile lease could make sense. Most low-mileage car leases include a 10,000-mile allotment, which may be too much for some lessees.

This new Infiniti lease structure is changing the game because it caters to those that don’t drive much with the flexibility of adding miles when needed. Infiniti did not release the cost per mile; however, we suspect that it could cost anywhere between 10-15 cents per mile added. The Infiniti SignatureFLEX lease program is available on every model now.