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Wearing a bikini or other swimwear in public is generally acceptable in beach areas and resort towns. Although out of place at more inland locations, it’s commonplace to see women walking around in bikinis and men in their swim trunks. Could wearing a bikini while driving be a car safety problem and against the driving laws of the area? Like many businesses with a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy, some cities and states require covering up before getting behind the wheel.

What is indecent exposure?

In general, indecent exposure involves displaying bodily parts typically covered by clothing. Although bikinis seem to get smaller every year, they still typically cover areas considered private parts. Find Law tells us the definition of indecent exposure in California is when a person:

  • Acts willfully and lewdly
  • Exposes their person or private parts
  • Does so in any public place where people may be offended or annoyed by the exposure

Although the definition varies by state, the act of breastfeeding in public is protected in most states. This is not considered indecent, sexual, or offensive, but driving laws might disallow wearing certain swimwear while operating a motor vehicle.

Is driving in a bikini an unlawful act?

In most cases, driving in a bikini is perfectly acceptable, especially in beach towns. That said, if the cut is low enough or bodily parts become exposed, you could be charged with indecent exposure or distracted driving. While you, as the driver, might not be distracted, it’s possible to distract others while driving in your swimsuit.

Have you ever heard the term “looking good enough to stop traffic?” That’s what could happen when driving around in your bikini. You might think that most areas of Florida allow driving around in swimwear, but as Where Can I Fly tells us, that’s not the case.

Although it might not be fair, men can generally get away with driving topless while women are expected to wear a top in public, which would mean they can’t drive around topless. Of course, as Find Law points out. There could still be safety issues while driving without a shirt on.

Safety concerns about driving in swimwear

Driving down a slow beach road in your swimwear is probably fine, but the less you wear, the less protection you have in your car. While driving around in the sun in your bikini or trunks, you could get a strange sunburn from your seatbelt, stick to the seating material, sweat profusely, or become injured worse in a car accident.

Thankfully, because driving in swimwear isn’t illegal in most places, your insurance premiums shouldn’t increase if you regularly drive in your bikini. Still, a good coverup is worth the cost to give you more comfort and improve car safety while driving. Before you get behind the wheel in your swimsuit, it’s a good idea to learn the driving laws of the area and know whether or not it’s acceptable to drive around in your bikini.