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Automakers have begun to offer subscription-based connected services for drivers to access their vehicles in ways that weren’t previously possible. While these services can be convenient, their costs can add up quickly. However, one connected car service is completely free: Hyundai Bluelink+.

Hyundai Bluelink+ is a connected vehicle service that uses cellular data and GPS technology to enable drivers to interact remotely with their cars. It is available in many Hyundai vehicles, including the Sonata, Elantra, Kona, Santa Fe, and Tucson. Bluelink+ offers a range of features that can be accessed using an app or the in-car touchscreen display.

Hyundai News states, “All services included in the previous Bluelink Connected Care, Remote and Guidance subscription packages are now offered complimentary on a non-trial basis for new buyers with Bluelink+.” With this program, the automaker provides customers with about $350 in estimated annual savings.

Other services, like a Subaru Starlink subscription, will cost you about $99 annually. Additionally, if you want to add the Security Plus features, you’ll have to pay $49 for the first year and $149 each year after that.

The Hyundai Bluelink+ logo
The Hyundai Bluelink+ logo | Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai Bluelink+ offers a range of features that make it easier for drivers to interact with their vehicles. Some of the key features include:

1. Remote Start

Drivers can start their vehicle remotely using the Bluelink+ app. This feature is handy on cold or hot days when the driver wants to preheat or cool the interior before entering the car.

2. Remote Lock and Unlock

The app lets drivers remotely lock and unlock their car doors. This is useful when the driver needs to let someone into the car but isn’t around.

3. Climate Control Adjustment

Drivers can adjust the temperature and fan speed of the climate control system using the app. This feature helps ensure that the car is at a comfortable temperature before getting into it.

4. Vehicle Health and Maintenance Information

Bluelink+ provides information about the vehicle’s health and maintenance needs. For example, you will get real-time diagnostic information, maintenance alerts, and vehicle health reports.

5. Destination Search

Bluelink+ allows drivers to search for and send destinations to their vehicle’s navigation system. This feature helps plan trips and send directions to the car before leaving.

What about some of the other subscription services?

Toyota is one automaker that has been making a buzz. New drivers can enroll in a free trial of Toyota Connected Services. Unfortunately, remote start only comes with the Audio Plus or Premium Audio services. Yep, you’ll have to pay $8 monthly or $80 annually for remote start.

BMW is charging their owners for heat – literally. BMW’s ConnectedDrive Store includes adaptive M suspension, unique exhaust sounds, and heated seats. At least you can unlock these features for a one-time fee of under $50.

Absolutely! A Hyundai may be worth the investment if you’re in the market for a new car with excellent convenience features

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