2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs. 2022 Kia EV6 Infotainment Comparison: Consumer Reports Picks 1

Increasingly, infotainment systems are becoming a significant part of the user experience for many car owners, including those with EVs leading automakers to try and outdo each other in the design. Despite being under the same parent company, this is also true for the Kia and Hyundai brands, especially regarding their EV offerings, the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the 2022 Kia EV6. So, which electric SUV has the better infotainment system? Computer reports recently compared the two in a TikTok video and, in the end, picked out a winner.

Consumer Reports’ assessment of the two Ioniq 5 and EV6 infotainment systems

The infotainment system screen seen inside the interior of the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV model
2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 infotainment screen | Hyundai Motor America

In the TikTok video, the reviewer starts with the Kia EV6 highlighting the touch-capacitive panel at the bottom of the main screen. They also reference the two physical knobs on opposite ends of the panel. Notably, it doesn’t seem like the reviewer is a fan of the button in the middle that changes the panel’s functionality between media and climate-related controls.

Additionally, they don’t like that users can’t access both the climate and media controls simultaneously, necessitating that drivers switch back and forth any time they need to use them.

As for the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the reviewer notes the system is similar to that of the EV6, highlighting, in particular, the separate control bar that’s independent of the main touch screen. They picked this as the winner over the EV6’s system. Reasons include the presence of physical buttons and that most of the controls only have a single functionality and are therefore simpler to use.

However, the one major gripe they have with the Hyundai’s infotainment system is that users have to jump back and forth from the control bar to the touch screen. This is particularly the case when adjusting climate controls which means they may be distracted on the road.

What critics and consumers think of the two infotainment systems

Reactions to the video by TikTok users revealed a mixed bag of opinions on the two infotainment systems. One Joey Lean is clearly unimpressed by both options and says, “No car should have touch screens for those controls.” Another commenter takes the side of the Hyundai, asserting that “Voice control on the Ioniq 5 does it all.”

There’s also Jared Stephenson, who takes the side of the EV6, stating, “You can just set your auto climate at whatever you like and then keep it on the radio function.”

Another car reviewer, Edmunds, gives the edge to the Kia EV6 instead due to its selection of available buttons. It also mentions a problem with the Ioniq 5’s controls that Consumer Reports didn’t seem to notice; the physical buttons can be difficult to read in sunlight.

Nevertheless, Edmunds still praises both options for having separate control bars instead of having all the features in the touchscreen menu.

How else do the Ioniq 5 and EV6 compare?


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Beyond their infotainment systems, what are the differences between the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the 2022 Kia EV6? Notably, the two electric SUVs are based on the same platform, meaning there are a lot of similarities. This is evident in the battery size, pricing, trim levels available, range, performance, etc. The two vehicles have a 58 kWh battery pack for the base models, although the Hyundai version of this trim is yet to be released.

Other trims for both vehicles feature 77 kWh battery, and their performance is rated at either 225 horsepower and 258 lb-ft or 320 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque, depending on the drivetrain. Consequently, the fact that their 0 to 60 mph acceleration time is the same shouldn’t be surprising.

That said, it does seem like the drive experience is wildly different. With the Kia, those who like sporty handling will definitely be at home. The vehicle also has a relatively firm suspension. Those who prefer comfort should be better off with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with the abundance of soft-touch materials in the cabin and smoother suspension.

It’s worth mentioning another high-performance version of the Kia EV6 is also expected to grace the market sometime soon. This option should offer a blistering 3.5-second 0-60 mph acceleration time with no comparable trim on the Hyundai Ioniq 5.