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Baby on Board sign hanging from a car window

Husband Driving Car Catches Newborn Baby With One Hand As Wife Gives Birth in the Passenger Seat

We’ve covered some very unusual car-related stories, but this one may top them all. On the drive to the hospital with one hand on the wheel, a husband used his free hand to catch his newborn baby girl. He deserves a Gold Glove Award.

One of the most exciting moments in the lives of a couple is to welcome a newborn baby into the world. Most of the time, the birth of a child goes as planned, and a baby is born relatively close to the expected due date. However, sometimes, life throws unexpected twists. A woman goes into labor early, necessitating a rush to the hospital. For a married couple in Ohio, this is what happened, but with an unusual and heartwarming twist. While driving a car to the hospital, a husband catches a newborn baby girl with one hand as his wife gives birth in the passenger seat.

Miraculous catch by husband of his newborn baby girl

Baby yawning, highlighting story of husband driving car and catching newborn baby with one hand
Baby yawning | Jenean Newcomb via Unsplash

When we turn on sports channels, we marvel at acrobatic catches. Whether it’s a baseball player making a diving catch of a line drive, a wide receiver of a football team snagging a game-winning touchdown, or a basketball player soaring for an alley-oop, they are all sights to behold. However, in terms of real-life impact, Ryan Emge deserves a Gold Glove or some kind of award for his miraculous catch of his newborn baby girl while driving.

On the drive to the hospital, a baby decided it was time to enter the world

Baby on Board sign hanging from a car window
Baby on Board sign | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Ryan and his wife, Kelli, a Cininannati-area couple, were driving on their way to the hospital, as reported by FOX19 NOW. On the drive, their baby, who they named Rebecca, decided it was time to enter the world. Kelli said, “Rebecca made it evident that she was coming and not waiting.”

With their baby determined to come out, the couple quickly adapted to the situation. Kelli, who sat in the passenger seat, took off her seat belt. She then turned around with her back against the dashboard and her knees pressed against the front of the passenger seat. Ryan continued driving.

“I had kind of a freak-out, and I was like, ‘Honey, do you want me to pull over? What do I do here?’ And she’s like, ‘No, keep going, we need to get to the hospital. The baby started coming out, so I just reached over with my hand, and I caught the baby.”

– Ryan Emge

Husband humbly credits his wife for her composure in giving birth in their car

The newborn baby girl safely landed in her father’s hand. Ryan then gently lowered her down onto the seat — all while keeping his other hand on the steering wheel of the car. Like any true superstar, Ryan was humble about his miraculous catch and gave credit to his wife. He said, “It was, like, the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. She just handled the whole thing.”

During the interview at the hospital with FOX19 NOW, Kelli continued to maintain her composure as she held her newborn baby girl. She was remarkably unfazed by the challenging and unusual events while giving birth in a car. Much of her focus was on this precious little human being that she and her husband welcomed into the world.

Some critics may find fault with the actions of the married couple. This includes why they didn’t pull over their car to the side of the road, the wife taking off her seatbelt, and the dangers of distracted driving with only one hand on the steering wheel. However, at the end of the day, their actions had a successful outcome. No one was hurt. They didn’t get into a car accident — and most importantly, their baby is healthy and safe, and that’s a beautiful thing. 


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