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If you’re a dog or a cat owner, one of the scariest things is when your beloved fluffy friend runs out into the street. This is what happened with a cute Brittany Spaniel dog named Dexter several years ago. Tragically, Dexter was injured in a car accident and lost one of his legs. However, Dexter turned tragedy into joy. He didn’t let only having three legs slow him down. This amazing dog stood up on his hind legs and learned how to walk like a human.

Dexter the Brittany Spaniel dog lost one of his limbs in a tragic car accident

Dexter the three-legged dog walks upright like a human on a sidewalk in Ouray, Colorado
Dexter the three-legged dog that walks like a human | 9News via YouTube

Kentee Pasek and her family, from the beautiful mountain town of Ouray, Colorado, welcomed Dexter into their home in 2016. Shortly after, the Brittany Spaniel wandered off from the house and went sniffing for deer at a nearby park. He then ran into the road, where a truck ran over his front legs, as detailed by 9News

The Pasek family already had lost two dogs within two years and feared that Dexter would be the third. Recalling how she put Dexter’s head on her lap in the car on the way to the veterinarian, Pasek said, “We didn’t think he’d make it.”

The dog with 3 legs learns to walk like a human

However, Pasek wasn’t ready to give up hope, stating, “I couldn’t put another dog down without giving him a chance. I just couldn’t.” Fortunately, her hopes were realized. The veterinarian believed that Dexter had a chance at survival, but he had to amputate one of his legs and surgically insert pins in the other legs. 

Dexter needed to have a few more surgeries and a considerable amount of rehabilitation. After this, something strange and magical happened. Dexter didn’t let only having three legs slow him down. He adapted and used his hind legs to walk. Soon, this was the way he almost always walked. 

Dexter the 3-legged dog is a social media star on Instagram and TikTok

Dexter the three legged-dog walking next to a child
Dexter the three-legged dog that walks like a human | 9News via YouTube

Pasek started taking Dexter for walks around Ouray, walking upright side by side, like two people having a stroll. With his unique walking style, Dexter became a local celebrity. Pasek said, “Everyone in town knows him. In fact, they know him now more than they know us.”

One day, when Pasek took her three-legged dog on a walk with her mother, a passerby took a video of the unusual sight of a dog walking like a human. They posted the video on TikTok. Afterward, the video went viral, and a star was born. Now, Dexter has his own social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram. Hundreds of thousands of people follow his social media accounts, and his videos have millions of views. Also, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featured one of Dexter’s videos.

Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration from the story of Dexter the three-legged dog. Even if you’re not a dog or a pet lover, you’d be hard-pressed not to be moved and motivated by it. A dog, at the brink of death after a tragic car accident, somehow survives but loses a limb. With his three remaining legs, he perseveres, rises up, and walks like a human, bringing joy to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 

This article was updated on 7/16/2022.


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