Here’s How You Can Rent a Car From Lyft

There are many reasons to hire rental cars. You might need one after flying to a new destination. Or you might rent a car for a long road trip to avoid wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Or maybe yours is inaccessible or unavailable. Whatever the reason, it’s good to know your car rental options. And you might be surprised to learn that Lyft is one of them.

Here’s how you can rent a car through Lyft thanks to its new relationship with Sixt. 

What are the benefits of using a rental car? 

If you’re resistant to the idea of renting a car, know that it comes with many benefits and advantages. You might opt for public transportation instead of renting an automobile, but public transit can be unreliable and time-consuming. Renting a car is a more convenient option because it allows you to maximize time and maintain punctuality.

Plus, if you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll have fun experiencing new and different vehicles. Either way, there are many benefits to renting a car and even more options.  

Lyft and Sixt partner up 

When you think of Lyft, you probably imagine the ride-share service that picks you up. However, Lyft now offers much more on its mobile application. Lyft recently partnered with the car rental company service Sixt.  

Forbes speculates the business move was the ridesharing company’s response to COVID-19 and unfortunate economic impact. Through Lyft’s new partnership with Sixt, you can forgo having to share a car with a stranger and take the wheel yourself. And renting through Lyft is as simple as ordering a driver through the app.

In fact, Cal Lankton, Lyft’s VP of fleet and global operations, told Forbes: “Renting a car should be as easy calling a Lyft.”

And it is.

How to rent a car through the Lyft app


Don’t Want to Lease or Own? Try a Car Rental Subscription

Lyft has created a whole new path for renting cars. Many users already have the mobile app and are Lyft members. But if you’re not, you can easily sign up on Lyft‘s website or through the app. Once you log in to the app, the process seems almost too simple.

The bottom right-hand corner of your smartphone’s screen shows a small icon that looks like a key. Once you tap the key, you’ll see your car rental options, including locations and vehicle types, such as sedans, luxury sedans, SUVs, and luxury SUVs. Depending upon your selection, the prices range from about $96 to $152 a day. You also have the option to add insurance and other extras. 

However, you’ll have to go to one of Sixt’s lots or another predetermined destination. In many cities, the car rental pickup and dropoff site is the local airport. However, Lyft understands that can be an inconvenience. So you receive a $10 ride credit to call for a Lyft driver to take you to and from the rental car location.

Overall, Lyft’s car rental service seems well-thought-out and well-executed. Plus, the rates are competitive with established car rental agencies such as Hertz and Enterprise.