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The Genesis brand is known for its high-end luxury cars and sedans. The G90 is one of its most luxurious sedans, boasting both luxury and power-performance. But while experts can’t disagree that the 2020 Genesis G90 is a great luxury sedan, how happy will owners be with it a few years down the road? Is the 2020 Genesis G90 a reliable car?

How reliable is the 2020 Genesis G90?

There are no doubts that the 2020 Genesis G90 is a good car. Experts at Consumer Reports give it a high overall score of 82/100, with an even higher road-test score of 89/100 and a perfect predicted owner satisfaction rating of five-out-of-five.

The G90 scores so highly, it’s ranked as the third-best in “ultra luxury cars.” The predicted reliability score of the 2020 G90 stands at a slightly-less-impressive rating of three-out-of-five, however. According to U.S. News, even J.D. Power awarded the 2020 Genesis G90 with a so-so reliability rating of 3.5 out of five.

While that predicted reliability score doesn’t seem too impressive, it proves better than most. In fact, compared to the G90’s competition, the Genesis luxury car excels. By averaging a model’s reliability for the newest three years, Consumer Reports experts can make predictions “based on its reliability history or the manufacturer’s track record.” 

How reliable a car will be is shown as a percentage (out of 100) and then turned into an overall rating (out of five). Consumer Reports gives the 2020 Genesis G90 an average predicted reliability score of 49%, but it’s also the highest of its class.

While the Tesla Model S comes close at 41%, more popular models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS prove more troublesome, with scores of 24% and 19%, respectively.

Are there any problems to look out for?

If the 2020 Genesis G90 is a good luxury car, what’s with the average reliability rating? After delving into Consumer Reports’ findings, it’s easy to see where the G90 may have taken a hit.

When looking at the trouble spots of previous model years, most categories have proven more reliable than most. But the 2018 Genesis G90 is saddled with a poor reliability rating, with in-car electronics, suspension, and minor engine categories all presenting as potential trouble spots. 

But the 2020 Genesis G90 shouldn’t be judged too harshly by a few past problems. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), there are zero recalls on the 2020 Genesis G90. There aren’t any official investigations underway, either.

There are, however, multiple communications issued by the manufacturer (Genesis). While this may make it appear as though the G90 is having problems, these communications only prove that Genesis is dedicated to its owners.

All official communications issued for the 2020 G90 provide information about a potential problem they’ve found, so owners and dealers can fix those potential problems, quickly and easily.

How Genesis ensures owners will be happy with their new G90

According to the Genesis brand itself, the 2020 G90 comes with “Genesis Complete Confidence,” a comprehensive program for owners to assure “they’re always safe, always well taken care of, and always connected.” Genesis includes most advanced safety tech features as standard on the G90, but also include standard automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, and a slew of connected services to ensure passengers are always cared for.

In addition to perks that help keep buyers and their families safe, Genesis wants to ensure the G90 is always dependable and worthy of the Genesis brand. And Genesis is determined to ensure owners are completely satisfied with their purchase. That’s why the brand offers “the most comprehensive warranty in the luxury category,” which stretches over a tremendous 10-years/100,000-miles.

Included in the G90’s “Complete Care” is also roadside assistance, free maintenance, monthly vehicle health reports, in-vehicle service scheduling, and even service valet that makes any required service for your G90 quick, easy, and convenient.


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