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The automotive industry is going electric, and the BMW iX is the German luxury automaker’s landmark electric luxury SUV. Since the iX is a Beemer though, it’s loaded with features that allow it to be a competitive option against other electric SUVs. Unsurprisingly though, getting the most features from the luxury electric SUV will be expensive, so here’s a look at how much a fully loaded 2024 BMW iX will cost. 

A gray BMW iX driving down a city street.
BMW iX | BMW Media

This is what the base trim of the 2024 BMW iX will cost

Currently, BMW offers two trims on the 2024 iX. The base trim is the xDrive50, and it starts at just over $87,000. That hefty price tag gets you a lot of features though, as the German luxury automaker gave the car two electric motors as standard. This means that every iX has all-wheel drive, and those electric motors generate a lot of power as well.

They get 516 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque combined, and that allows the luxury SUV to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. It also has an electronically-limited top speed of 124 mph. Those motors are also paired to a 111.5-kWh battery pack, allowing the iX to go 307 miles on a single charge.

In addition to those great specs, the iX is a very luxurious SUV. It seats five, the front seats are heated as standard, and it also comes with synthetic leather upholstery.

In terms of tech features, it has a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster display, as well as a 14.9-inch touchscreen display. BMW also gave it many smart features, including over-the-air update capability, a frontal collision detection system, blind spot monitoring, and more. 

Here’s a look at what the 2024 BMW iX’s top trim level has to offer

The other trim that BMW offers is the M60, and it starts at just over $111,000. Its main upgrade is under the hood, as its two electric motors get 610 hp and 749 lb-ft of torque. On top of that, the M60 gets a launch control feature, which can temporarily boost the SUV’s torque output. With that feature on, it gets 811 lb-ft of torque instead.

That allows the Beemer to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and tops out at 130 mph. It has the same battery pack as the standard iX, allowing it to go 293 miles.

Other than the power and performance difference, the two trims are fairly similar, though the M60 does get a few extra features as standard. For example, it gets a more premium stereo system, and the seats are more comfortable due to the standard massage feature.

BMW has plenty of options and packages available too

The German luxury automaker has plenty of options as well. Car shoppers can pay about $2,000 for the Storm Bay Metallic or the Aventurin Red Metallic paint jobs. There are a variety of wheel options, and they’ll cost about $1,000 each. BMW also has several packages available, such as the Driver Assistance Professional Package. It costs $2,300, and it adds features such as adaptive cruise control to the car.

The Luxury Package costs just over $1,100, and it adds soft-close automatic doors as well as glass and wood controls to the interior. There are also three maintenance program options, with the most expensive one costing about $2,750. BMW also offers a $600 wallbox that can be used for the owner’s home charging setup. Overall, a fully loaded iX can cost upwards of $125,000.


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