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The Ford E-Series van, also known as the Econoline, was Ford’s cargo and passenger van until the Ford Transit replaced it in 2015. These large vans are often used for camper conversions and commercial use. The Ford E-Series was discontinued, but it remains popular on the used market. How many miles will a Ford E-Series van last?

Ford logo on the grille of a new ford model
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When buyers begin researching used vehicles, the amount of miles on the odometer is one of the most important details. Due to the fact that these vans are often used for things like camper van conversions, carpooling, road-tripping, and commercial mobility, they often enter the used market with quite a few miles on them. It’s paramount to learn how many miles a used vehicle has left to give.

“The Econoline began its development as design sketches from 1957 and was introduced as a cargo van, passenger van, and a pickup truck.”

Car and Driver

A Ford E-Series van can last up to 500,000 miles

A Ford E-Series van in a press photo
Ford E-Series | Car and Driver

Ford produced the E-Series van in many different sizes and configurations for the duration of its production. In fact, according to Car and Driver, the Ford E-Series was in production for 60 years. Throughout its four generations, the Ford E-Series van gained a reputation for durability. 

But how many miles can an E-Series model really go? Motor and Wheels reports that “It’s not unusual to get 500,000 miles on these models when properly taken care of.” With a good regular maintenance program and some TLC, the Econoline vans can last far into high mileage territory. 

Motor and Wheels shares that these vans can last about 15-18 years. That’s a pretty long time. However, there are also instances in which the Ford E-Series will not last so long. Things like towing large trailers, or neglecting the proper care schedule typically results in a reduced life span for Ford’s Econoline van. 

In fact, vans that are not well maintained have difficulty reaching 300,000 miles. In addition, sometimes the Ford E-Series can develop costly issues and some owners decide it’s better to just buy a new van than pay the high repair fees. But, in general, major issues are largely caused by poor maintenance or overworking the system due to towing loads that are heavier than intended for your particular van. 

What is the Ford E-Series?  


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“The E-series vans were the top-selling models in the United States between 1980 and 2015 with the model line’s discontinuation.”

Car and Driver

The Ford E-Series is a lineup of Ford vans designed for commercial use. They are configured as passenger vans, cargo vans, and chassis are used for small buses and ambulances. They are specifically designed to carry either people or tools. 

However, they have also become very popular for camper van conversions. This is partly because they are easy to find on the used market for good prices. In addition, because of the longevity of the average Ford E-Series van, the Econoline makes a great camper van because it’s built to last for hundreds of thousands of miles.