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Thinking about taking your EV to Sam’s Club on your next outing? Here’s how long it takes to charge an electric car at Sam’s Club and how to make the most of your trip. Not every store has working electric vehicle chargers all the time, so it is a good idea to confirm before hitting the road.

Charging an electric car at Sam’s Club won’t take too long

Before heading to your local store, confirming your Sam’s Club has electric car chargers is a good idea. You can use the PlugShare app or website to find that out. One Sam’s Club in Overland Park, Kansas, has six J-1772 plugs rated for 6.48 kW. That is pretty slow, so you can expect to spend at least 30 minutes at this charger. It also costs $0.20kWh + tax.

Another charger in Pueblo, Colorado, is rated for much faster charging. This Electrify America station offers CCS/SAE and CHAdeMO chargers rated for 50 to 350 kW. Buyers with the $4 Pass+ membership pay $0.31 per kWh. Those without an EA membership pay $0.43 per kWh.

For those who want to get in and out quickly, the CCS/SAE chargers are rated for 150 to 350 kW charging. This will add the most range in the shortest amount of time. Most people will spend under 20 minutes charging. The CHAdeMO takes a bit longer at 50 kW, but you can still be in and out in 30 minutes.

Charging an electric car at Sam’s Club should be easy

While you might spend a lot of time shopping at your local Sam’s Club, you don’t need to spend all day charging. However, not all locations will give you an optimal charging experience. The Sam’s Club location in Fountain, Colorado, says it has six charging plugs for drivers, but the comments note that isn’t the case.

Drivers report that most of the CCS/SAE and CHAdeMO chargers at this Electrify America station were not working. When someone called to report the station issue, EA noted it was already aware. While one EV driver could charge, it didn’t match the advertised charging speed.

PlugShare users also note that many commercial electric vehicles utilized the working chargers, creating lines. It could take a while to charge an electric car at Sam’s Club in a situation like this. You might be better off going to a nearby station that is better equipped.

Members can get rewards on EV charging

Charge an electric car at Sam's Club like this one
A Sam’s Club store | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Sam’s Club announced earlier this year that Sam’s Club Mastercard holders would be getting a new benefit: EV charging rewards. Cardholders will earn five percent back in Sam’s Cash on electric car charges at eligible EV charging stations. This is a deal with Synchrony, a financial services company.

“We are continuously evaluating credit card rewards and features that will recognize cardholders for doing things that make a difference, like choosing to personally help the environment by driving an electric vehicle,” said Tom Quindlen, EVP and CEO of Diversified and Value at Synchrony.

So the next time you want to charge an electric car at Sam’s Club, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. If all else fails, here’s where you can charge an electric vehicle for free.