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Apple CarPlay was first introduced way back when in 2014. Since then, it’s been included in a long list of infotainment systems. From compact sedans to rugged trucks, Apple CarPlay is one of those features that, more often than not, comes standard. 

The tech world has been buzzing about Apple’s latest product release, though. And we’re not talking about the iPhone 12. Car owners will be pleased to know that Apple is bringing some added functionality to Apple CarPlay via its Apple HomePod system.

What is Apple HomePod?

Yesterday was a big day for Apple fans. Not only did the tech giant unveil its latest iteration of iPhones, but it also debuted the newest Apple HomePod, the Apple HomePod Mini. Priced at just $99, the Apple HomePod Mini is a smart speaker akin to Amazon’s lineup of Alexa devices.

Owners of the all-new Apple HomePod Mini can use the device to activate Siri and access a range of iPhone apps. The Apple HomePod Mini will also feature ‘Intercom,’ enabling it to send messages from the HomePod Mini to any Apple device. That includes Apple CarPlay too.

How does HomePod work with Apple CarPlay?

Apple announced a new feature for the HomePod too. The Intercom feature, which Apple previewed on the Apple HomePod Mini, gives users a way of reaching family members even if they’re behind the wheel.

The Intercom feature, according to Roadshow, enables drivers using Apple CarPlay while behind the wheel to receive incoming messages from Apple HomePod devices. They can even have their messages read aloud to them. Drivers will also be able to send or reply to Intercom messages with the help of Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

Roadshow did point out that Apple CarPlay users already have the ability to send SMS or iMessages while in the driver’s seat. Apple’s all-new Intercom feature simply gives those at home who don’t have access to a phone or computer the ability to get in touch with whoever happens to be behind the wheel.

Choosing a vehicle with Apple CarPlay

To use Apple’s Intercom feature, you’ll need two things. First, you’ll need an Apple HomePod. Second? You’ll need a car that comes equipped with an Apple CarPlay compatible infotainment system. Fortunately, there are several cars, trucks, and SUVs that offer Apple CarPlay compatibility. 

According to Apple, every major automobile manufacturer offers models that support Apple CarPlay. And the ones that don’t? Apple claims those automakers plan to introduce Apple CarPlay compatibility soon.

But if you’re in the market for an Apple CarPlay compatible car now? Not to fear. There are plenty of options available. Whether you’ve got your heart set on an all-new Audi or find yourself longing after a lavishly appointed Volvo, there is no shortage of new cars, trucks, and SUVs featuring Apple CarPlay.

Enjoy the latest in tech-savvy features

Apple CarPlay is just one of the many tech-savvy features on the market today. And while Apple’s launch of its HomePod Intercom is undoubtedly interesting, especially when paired with Apple CarPlay, there a host of ways to stay in touch with family and friends behind the wheel.