How a Nissan Titan Managed to Out-Brake a Mini Cooper

When you compare a truck to a small car, you would probably make the assumption that the car is able to brake better and quicker. But as the automakers and engineers at Nissan prove, that’s not always the case. Bigger and heavier doesn’t always been less capable, and the Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck showcases some of the best braking power in the industry. Here’s just how the Titan’s braking power compares to one of the smallest vehicles you can get.

A truck should brake slower than a compact car, right?

When the experts at Engineering Explained took a 2017 Nissan Titan and a 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman out on the track, the Titan surprised everyone by stopping faster than the tiny car only a fraction of its size. The Mini Cooper made a complete stop from 60 mph in just 134.1 feet, but the full-size Titan made the stop from 60 mph in just 132.9 feet. That makes the Titan not only one of the fastest-braking trucks on the market but also comparable to most other types of vehicles. That’s pretty impressive. 

But the Titan weighs more than 5,800 lbs and the Mini Cooper which weighs just over 3,600 lbs. So how is the full-size truck, which weighs over 2,000 lbs more than the compact car, able to have better-performing stopping power? As it turns out, fast and reliable braking power is determined by more than just size and weight.

How the Nissan Titan can out-brake a Mini Cooper

In general, a heavier object would take longer to stop than a lighter one. But when it comes to vehicles, a variety of factors go into the engineering and design of the braking system. When it comes to a vehicle’s stopping power, a lot of variables come into play. The Titan’s tires, for instance, give it an advantage not shared by the Mini Cooper. According to Motor Authority, the Titan’s all-terrain tires are “incredibly capable of handling the weight associated with a full-size pickup truck.” Better tires will clearly have an impact on how well it can stop. 

The Titan is also equipped with a superior-tuned vehicle dynamic control system for its ABS that helps control the tire grip limit, as well as high-quality braking system hardware. The brakes that the Titan are equipped with are designed to withstand the weight of the Titan, even at full tow and payload capacity. With the ability to better balance around that tire grip limit, the ABS can better do its job. Even with a full payload, the Nissan Titan could stop from 60 mph in roughly 133 feet.

The Titan can still out-brake the best of them

According to Consumer Reports, the current 2019 Nissan Titan truck still has the same reliable and quick brakes, receiving a rating of four out of five in the braking category. In dry testing conditions, the Titan stopped from 60 mph in 131 feet, while in wet conditions, it still stopped in 143 feet. Its stopping distance is comparable to some sedans, making the Titan one of the quickest-braking trucks ever. On the road test, Consumer Reports gave the Titan the distinction of having “one of the punchiest powertrains in the segment,” as well. rates the 2019 Nissan Titan with an overall score of 4.4 stars (out of five). In addition to precise steering, smooth riding, superior brake control, and smooth transmission, the Titan is admired for its impressive five-year/100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty. Along with four-wheel disc brakes and ABS, electronic stability control, traction control, and brake assist come standard on all new Titans.