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The Honda brand has long been renowned for producing reliable vehicles that are meant to last. While its most popular model is the Honda CR-V when looking at units sold, the Honda Ridgeline and the Honda Passport both hold their own in the Honda lineup. The Ridgeline and Passport are quite similar models when comparing drivetrains, sale prices, and what they have to offer consumers. However, the pickup truck has proven to be slightly more popular this year so far. Here’s a look at the sales numbers of these two Honda models. 

A look at the Honda Passport and the Honda Ridgeline  

Despite the Honda Ridgeline being a pickup truck and the Honda Passport being an SUV, these two vehicles are quite similar. According to TrueCar, both the Ridgeline and Passport provide seating capacity for five passengers, feature an AWD drivetrain, sport a 3.5L V6 engine, and produce 280 hp. However, the similarities don’t end there. The two Honda models also average similar gas mileage, with the Honda SUV averaging 19 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy and the Ridgeline averaging 18 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy. 

These two Hondas also have similar MSRP ranges along with their similar power and performance. According to Car and Driver, the Ridgeline is available in four trim levels: Sport, RTL, RTL-E, and Black Edition. In contrast, the Passport is only available in three trim levels: EX-L, TrailSport, and Elite. 

Here’s how the Ridgeline and Passport sales numbers stack up 

When comparing prices, it’s clear that the baseline Ridgeline Sport trim is the most affordable option among both vehicle lineups, as Honda starts the Sport trim at $38,800. In comparison, Honda starts the baseline Passport EX-L trim at $41,100, which is closer in price to the second-level RTL Ridgeline trim, which starts at $41,780. The highest level Black Edition trim of the pickup starts at $46,230, while the highest level Elite Passport trim requires just a bit more cash with a starting price of $46,560.

There is not much difference between the Ridgeline and Passport, not even when it comes to sales numbers. According to GoodCarBadCar, during Q2 2023, Honda sold 12,385 units of the Passport. During the same quarter, Honda was able to sell slightly more units of the Ridgeline, with 14,512 units sold. 

Sales numbers are approved across the board for these two Honda models 

Looking at the YTD data from the GoodCarBadCar research, 23,804 Honda Passport SUVs and 27,430 Honda Ridgeline trucks were sold during the first two quarters of 2023. This is great news for Honda as both models have experienced a growth in sales year-over-year. During the first two quarters of 2022, Honda only sold 20,102 units of the Passport and 19,797 units of the Ridgeline. This means that the Passport experienced a sales growth of 18.42%, and the Ridgeline saw a sales increase of 38.56% from 2022 to 2023.

All things considered, things are looking pretty good for Honda and the year-over-year growth of both the Honda Passport and the Honda Ridgeline. However, both Passport and Ridgeline sales are far from the most popular Honda model, as 163,697 Honda CR-V units were sold during the first two quarters of 2023. Despite not being the most popular Honda models, the Ridgeline and Passport still have a ton to offer consumers regarding power, performance, and reliability. 


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