Honda N-Van Camper Concept is the Size of a Tent

Camping is usually, but not always, something you do with family, friends, or both. But for those camping solo Honda has a small solution. It is a microvan N-Van for the Japanese market, converted into a one-man metal tent. And it is a study in clever Honda packaging. 

N-Van passenger sides are pillarless for wide-open access and views

Honda N-Van camper concept
Honda N-Van camper concept | Honda

The floors in these N-Vans are flat, so they take to a camping-like conversion. But the really cool thing about the N-Van is the door configuration on the passenger side. The sliding side door hinges on the front door. When both of them are open it is an uninterrupted opening. There is no pillar between the two doors. 

That gives a wide-open view of the world from the inside. It’s one way the N-Van goes one step beyond being just a metal tent. There is even an awning for the large opening. A sliding storage bin is placed up against the headliner for more space utilization. On the rear hatch is a pegboard for hanging clothing or utensils. 

The flat N-Van floors are perfect for a single air mattress that can be deflated to add seats

Honda N-Van camper concept
Honda N-Van flat floor | Honda

A single air mattress takes up most of the floor when in use. But you can release the air, roll it up, and then use the rear seats that normally come with the N-Van. The van also has a small table that can be placed outside for dining. 

The Honda N-Van is a Japan-only Kei car that limits size and horsepower. Kei car ownership comes with reduced taxes over larger, more powerful vehicles. Power is limited to 63 hp, and overall dimensions need to be within 134-inches long, 58-inches wide, and 79-inches high. Honda’s N-Van has been in production since 2018. It replaced the N-Box with a similar size and looks that debuted in 2011. 

Honda will unveil the camper next weekend

Honda N-Van camper concept
Honda N-Van camper concept | Honda

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The N-Van camper will be revealed to the public at the Feeld Good Festival the first weekend in October at Ishikari City, Hokkaido. No, that is not a typo.