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This true story could have had a tragic ending if not for heroic deeds by everyday folks. Quick thinking by a group of officials and students at Utah’s Layton Christian Academy saved a mother and her two children.

According to Layton Christian Academy’s Head of School, Chris Crowder, an employee named Bridgette Ponson had finished work and was walking across the parking lot to her car when disaster struck. To make matters even worse, Bridgette was walking with her two-year-old and three-year-old children.

A woman driving her Subaru across the parking lot–reportedly blinded by the low sun–drove over the family. After the car stopped, one child was able to wriggle free. But Bridgette and one of her children were stuck. Crowder explained, “The car was on top of them and squishing them.”

The corner of a red fire truck with "Rescue" painted on the side.
Fire truck | SVP Studios via Unsplash

Crowder had no jack or other tools to lift the car off the family. But he did have his students, who he obviously trusts to do the right thing. He said, “I ran back in the building to grab as many students as possible.”

The students immediately sized up the situation. Crowder said, “They knew what to do, that they had to do something.”

Working together, a small crowd of students were able to lift the car to one side. Other students pulled the mother and her child free.

An ambulance responded within minutes. Bridgette was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery for injuries that were not life threatening. Both of the children have even less serious injuries. Crowder said, “The doctor said it was a miracle that they didn’t have severe life-threatening injuries.”

Crowder said of his heroic students, “We’re very proud of them.”

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