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All you need is a little Hallmark Channel movie magic to make this Ford SUV problem poof into thin air. With a broken-down Ford Bronco serving as a central plot line in the new Everything Christmas movie, will love persevere against modern vehicle machinery? The six-gen Bronco is decked out with antlers and a red reindeer nose, but it needs a new belt. Classic Bronco problems!

Hallmark chose the Ford Bronco in Everything Christmas to break down

Hallmark's broken Ford Bronco in the Everything Christmas holiday movie
Hallmark’s Everything Christmas holiday movie and the Ford Bronco | Hallmark

You can see from the photos that one of the storylines in the Hallmark Channel’s new film, Everything Christmas, has a Ford Bronco involved. I don’t know about you, but I watch Hallmark Christmas movies. There usually aren’t SUVs or trucks of interest, except most of the movies tend to have an old Ford truck involved at some point. Carrying Christmas trees, toting cookies around, and helping move decorations. You get it. In Everything Christmas, Lori-Jo, aka LJ, played by Cindy Busby, decides to head to Yuletide Springs after quitting her job to enjoy the holidays, You know, the classic Hallmark Channel movie theme. Hallmark chose the base model Ford Bronco to break down as part of the storyline for whatever reason.

Zack, of Zack’s Garage in the movie, is played by Corey Sevier, who happens to have a flatbed. According to LJ, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco started making a “clunking” noise and then just shut off. However, it wasn’t all bad news when Zack happened to have the exact belt the reindeer Bronco needed in the back of his truck. What’s the problem with that? This belt has been back ordered for months, and actual Ford Bronco owners can’t seem to track it down.

It seems the Hallmark team brokered this deal, not the Ford team, because is a broken Bronco good publicity? Probably not if it actually has issues.

The Ford Bronco must have been hand-selected by Hallmark

Hallmark's broken Ford Bronco in the Everything Christmas holiday movie
Hallmark’s Everything Christmas holiday movie and the Ford Bronco | Hallmark

Hallmark’s Everything Christmas and Ford Bronco funnies don’t stop there. Even if we have no other clues, why is a brand-new Bronco breaking down to the point that it can’t drive? And why would it be the belt? I also appreciate that Hallmark happened to choose a part that has been out of stock for a while, according to other sixth-generation Bronco owners. Only Hallmark movie magic could solve this real-life problem.

The funny part is that the NHTSA listing for the 2022 Ford Bronco has a lot of complaints about the engine. It has nine recalls of varying severity. Some recent ones are one for a seatbelt latch, another for rearview camera issues, and a loose transmission bolt. However, it has 149 complaints from owners. Twenty-four of those are for the engine, and 55 are for visibility or windshield wipers. Did a Bronco owner suggest this idea?

There was some intel given about the origins of the broken Ford Bronco. The owner says it wasn’t broken, and the network put out a call for the Ford SUV a few months back. It had to be green or red (obviously). Then, it was this SUV’s time to shine! The Bronco breaking down was a crucial part of the Everything Christmas plot, so it had to happen.

Catch Everything Christmas and the Ford Bronco on TV now

People don’t watch Hallmark movies for realistic plotlines, but this one is pretty funny. Everything Christmas is playing on the Hallmark Channel repeatedly over the next month or so, so catch it and enjoy the yuletide fun at the expense of the Ford Bronco.

Sourcing a Ford Bronco as a plotline could be a coincidence, or it could be the revenge of an owner who has a problematic SUV on their hands. Either way, we’re glad the engine issues led to true Hallmark Christmas love.


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