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Despite announcing Grand Theft Auto VI’s release next year, Rockstar Games continues to update the long-running GTA V online community with new playable storylines, and, of course, new vehicles. You can’t have a game called Grand Theft Auto without the “Auto,” am I right? Well, the latest GTA update introduces the Canis Terminus and Gauntlet Interceptor, a video-game-ized Jeep Wrangler JL and Dodge Challenger police car, respectively.

The Rockstar Games masters of mimicry and parody released a GTA Jeep and Dodge Challenger police car in the latest online update

Rockstar Games added a GTA V update for its online gaming community, including a couple of noteworthy rides. The update, titled “Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid,” is a heist involving crooked cops and street justice. As such, Rockstar Games dropped a Gauntlet Interceptor law enforcement vehicle. 

At the intersection of video gamers and car enthusiasts, players will notice that the Police Gauntlet Interceptor looks very similar to an LA-platform Dodge Challenger. No surprise there. Consequently, the preexisting Gauntlet Hellfire bears an obvious resemblance to the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and SRT Demon. With the Gauntlet Interceptor, players will get the police car treatment on a two-door muscle car.

Of course, fans who prefer a more traditional-looking police car have options. As part of another recent update, Rockstar Games dropped a pair of cruisers: one unmarked and another with an obvious PD livery.

The new Canis Terminus, a GTA Jeep, is part of the latest GTA update.
The new Canis Terminus | Rockstar Games

In addition to the Gauntlet Interceptor, GTA V added a Jeep model: the Canis Terminus. Well, it’s not a GTA Jeep, but in typical Rockstar fashion, the vehicle bears an immediately recognizable resemblance to a four-door Jeep Wrangler JL. The GTA Jeep lookalike is quite customizable, from removable tops and doors to armor plating. What’s more, serious gamers can outfit the new Canis Terminus with “Imani Tech,” including a homing missile jammer to irritate griefers.