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The average daily American commuter spends roughly 152 hours a year in their cars while driving to work. However, for long-distance commuters, this could be a lot more.
Just like remote workers love their personalized home décor, so should long-distance commuters enjoy a more customized car experience. According to Erie Insurance, here are 10 of the best car gifts and accessories a commuter will enjoy while driving long distances. 

1. Wireless charger is a great gift for a commuter

Most drivers experience the pain of having cables lying around and forgetting about them. A wireless charging pad can make situations easier by allowing comfortable and convenient phone charging at all times. Not all cars have this feature, and adding it can make a huge difference.

2. Drinkware

A vacuum-insulated travel mug can keep drinks cold or hot for hours. They are the perfect gifts for long-distance commuters who want to stay hydrated or need that extra caffeine in the morning without stopping at their local coffee shop.

3. Dash cam

A dash cam featuring wide-angle cameras which can record up to several lanes of traffic in front of the vehicle is a practical gift. A dash cam is one of the most valuable car gifts for long-distance drivers, especially in high traffic zones. 

It provides real-time data such as distance and speed between cars. Different models have features that aid in safe driving, such as night vision. More importantly, it can provide evidence in case of an accident.

4. Jump starter is a good gift for a commuter

A set of jumpstarters which is a great gift.
Jumpstarter | Getty Images

Battery jump starters feature powerful batteries to jump a car on its own. A jump starter is the fastest and more convenient option than waiting for emergency roadside services or flagging down strangers for help. 

5. Emergency kit

A typical roadside emergency kit has jumper cables, a tow strap, an air compressor, and other practical tools packaged inside a handy, portable case. Commuters driving long distances are highly likely to experience unexpected car problems, and an emergency kit can provide the necessary tool to help fix a car problem. 

6. Phone mount

Phone mounts are simple yet so practical for drivers. One of the most common causes of road accidents is distracted driving, especially for drivers who constantly text or check their phones while driving.

A phone mount frees up the driver’s hands, allowing them to concentrate on the road. Additionally, a phone mount is an effective solution when using key smartphone features such as GPS navigation. 

7. Custom floor mats

Floor mats are handy in rainy or muddy situations since they minimize the mess likely to be made. However, while standard floor mats are applicable, you can get custom floor mats that fit perfectly in the commuter’s car while being aesthetically appealing.

8. Music or audiobook subscriptions is a great gift for commuters

Long-distance drives require some form of entertainment. Instead of tuning through unstable radio frequencies, why not get them a music or audiobook subscription, especially if it’s an artist or author they enjoy.

9. Tire inflator

Tire inflation in the middle of nowhere is one of a driver’s worst nightmares. Fortunately, a portable tire inflator plugs into the car’s power outlet, allowing them to fill up anywhere without needing a gas station. 

10. Steering wheel desk

Remote working often poses challenges such as uncomfortable working spaces. However, a desk that attaches to the steering wheel improves the ergonomics of a driver’s mobile workspace. A steering wheel desk allows the driver to work or enjoy a light meal while parked. 

Car accessories are some of the best car gift ideas. Besides providing the comfort of personalization, car accessories as car gifts can be convenient and functional if required. The best car gift ideas should make a driver feel appreciated and safe. Fortunately, the above car gifts are the best options for commuters that drive long distances.

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