GM May Bring Back the Hummer as an All-Electric SUV

When production on the Hummer ceased in 2010, the once popular brand’s image was tarnished due to concerns about its less-than-impressive fuel economy and the impact that this massive vehicle was having on the environment. In addition, rising gas prices also played a part in spelling the demise of the gas-guzzling Hummer but, with the advent of electric cars, the Hummer may just live to ride again.

While plans to develop an electric version of this vehicle are still not official, it’s still interesting to consider how a relaunch might pan out should the General Motors decide to bring back the infamous SUV.

Why Resurrect the Hummer?

You might be wondering why GM would ever consider bringing the Hummer back from extinction considering it went from enjoying massive popularity to becoming one of the most hated cars of all time. After all, this brand’s bad reputation reached an all-time high by the time the Hummer H2 joined the lineup.

The idea to bring Hummer back, however, is due to the fact that there is an increased demand for rugged SUVs with off-road capabilities. GM also sees a newly developed electric Hummer as the perfect vehicle to compete with Jeep, as those vehicles have recently seen growing sales.

The challenge GM faces, however, is that today’s consumers are much more environmentally conscious, so a gas-guzzler just isn’t marketable; which partly explains GM’s motivation behind bringing back the once popular vehicle in a much more consumer-friendly electric variety.

Bringing back the Hummer as an electric vehicle also serves as an excellent marketing ploy by GM as they look to transform their company’s image. Talk of a resurrected Hummer comes as GM looks to shake off its current image as a manufacturer of conventional, gas-powered vehicles and, instead, works to embrace battery-powered vehicles as the future.

An Electric Hummer Is Still in the Planning Phases

If you’re already imagining an electric Hummer in your driveway, then don’t get too excited just yet. According to Bloomberg, anonymous sources say that any plans to bring back the Hummer are very much in the early stages and that no firm decision has been reached on exactly which vehicles will be added to their upcoming lineup of electric trucks and SUVs.

Even if GM does ultimately decide to bring the Hummer back, you can expect to wait quite a while before it begins appearing on dealership lots. That’s partly due to the fact that the company’s electric truck project is currently in progress and other vehicles are already slated to get an electric upgrade long before GM might look at adding the Hummer back into its lineup.

Can a Switch to Electric Really Restore the Hummer’s Reputation?

Should an electric Hummer make its way onto car lots, there’s still no telling how it will be received by consumers. Will making the switch to electric be enough for the Hummer to shake the bad reputation that plagued previous models?

Wait and See the Fate of the Hummer SUV

Only time will tell whether GM’s tentative plans to bring back the Hummer as an electric vehicle will come to pass. So, for now, those eager to get behind the wheel of this retired SUV will just have to satisfy themselves with dreams that they might someday be able to tool around in a Hummer without all of the gas-guzzling guilt.

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