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Nissan is positioning itself for its electrification onslaught. To that end, today it revealed its “multifunctional partner,” the 4×4 Arizon SUV. It reveals what is the general direction for Nissan as it prepares to unleash 19 EVs by 2030. And it naturally follows the industry with an all-electric SUV.

What are the “exciting features” of the Arizon?


With the unveiling today at the Shanghai Auto Show, Nissan promises the Arizon will offer drivers an “exciting new experience.” So, what are those exciting features? The exterior definitely looks compelling, if a little convoluted. And that’s not a bad thing.

The body features a lively combination of hard breaks and sculpturing that glues it all together. Folds and competing angles present a break from much of the sculptured bodies that confound highlights. The upright rear window, unique top, and its rearward C-pillars, combined with direction from the body breaks, give the impression the Arizon is rearing back. 

What powers the Nissan Arizon?

Nissan Arizon EV concept | Nissan

It’s a departure from the forward-facing rear window of most SUVs and the “coupe” profiles that are proliferating. So it will be interesting to see how much of the concept’s busybody, rearing back design ends up in production Nissan EVs. That includes the diagonal LED patterned lighting that runs end to end both in front and in the rear. 

Utilizing Nissan’s CMF-EV electric platform, which also underpins both the Renault Megane e-Tech and Ariya, allows body structures to offer pillarless entry and exit. That feature highlights the open cabin, highlighted with ambient lighting that is interactive. It recognizes passengers and remembers to adjust to their preferences. The glass roof also can adjust filters to increase or decrease sunlight. Lounge-like seats, a prominent yet clean console, and a large, unobstructed screen add to the airy feel. 

What is the Arizon’s “Eporo?”

Nissan Arizon EV concept | Nissan

But Nissan also includes a buddy. According to Automotive News, a virtual personal assistant, named “Eporo,” will help navigate, offer data, and even interact with passengers. 

No details about the powertrain are available. But we know that the CMF-EV can accommodate both single and dual electric motors. That offers 389 hp for the dual motor setup combined with an 87 kWh battery. A more outlandish Nissan EV concept with tech galore is the recently revealed Max-Out, making the Arizon look a lot more like a production EV.

Will something similar be sold in the U.S.?

Nissan Arizon EV concept | Nissan

Could the Nissan Hang-Out Be the Family SUV of the Future?

The downside to all of this is that beyond China, we don’t know where production versions of the Arizon will end up. In other words, is the U.S. part of Arizon’s future? Nissan isn’t saying, but unveiling the EV in China shows it is the largest market in the world, enticing global automakers like Nissan. 

“There is a need for increased electrification and advanced sustainability in the market, and we are working hard to meet it,” said Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta. But he also said that the intent of an EV SUV like the Arizon is to appeal to Chinese buyers.