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Americans love trucks, but not every model gets the same amount of popularity. You have incredibly popular options like the Ford F-150 and dying models like the Nissan Titan. The Ford Ranger is currently spinning out of control to the wrong side of the spectrum. 

Why does the Ford Ranger face declining sales? 

The 2023 Ford Ranger kicking up dirt
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

The 2023 Ford Ranger isn’t just in a nose dive; it’s spinning out of control. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the Ranger moved 10,712 units. This is pretty low, but things can get worse. 

During the fourth quarter of 2023, the Ranger only sold 831 trucks. This represents a 92.24% sales decrease. In 2022, the Ranger sold 57,005 trucks. This is pretty good against options that aren’t the Toyota Tacoma. 

But in 2023, the Ranger only moved 32,334 models in 2023. This is a 43.28% sales decrease year over year. We hope that the switch from the outgoing generation to the new one will improve things. 

However, the 2024 Ranger has been facing delays and production issues. Only 300 models were produced in November. New models were expected to arrive by the end of the year. But some people have six to 12-month wait times for their orders. 

Also, there might not have been many 2023 Ford Ranger models available. Production wound down in June to prep the factory to churn out the 2024 models.

Production was impacted by the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike. The factory was shut down for weeks until an agreement was made. 

On top of that, the Ranger and Bronco are produced at the same factory and there seems to be a bigger importance on getting Bronco models off the line. Ford is working through a large backorder of 2023 Broncos and phishing some orders back to 2024. 

Interest in the next-gen Ford Ranger will be necessary to save it, but production will also need to improve. Because the Ranger has more affordable off-roading trims than the Tacoma, it’s attracting buyers. 

Plus, the new Ranger has plenty of standard power, is more comfortable than before, and is loaded with modern tech. Stay tuned to see if the 2024 Ranger can get things moving in the right direction, because things are currently grim.