Ford Offers Free Online Driver Training For Teens During Coronavirus Pandemic

Many families are finding themselves isolated at home in an effort to stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. For those with teenagers at home, this is an excellent time to discuss safe driving behavior. Ford is offering free online driver training for teens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ford Driving Skills for Life 

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States, which is why Ford Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association and a panel of safety experts established Ford Driving Skills For Life in 2003. Today, approximately 3,000 teens die annually in such crashes, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Ford Driving Skills for Life teaches newly licensed and teen drivers the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs.


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Ford Offers Free Online Driver Training For Teens During Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of isolation, Ford Driving Skills For Life in-person training courses have been temporarily suspended. Instead, they are continuing to equip and educate through online resources called The Academy. The Academy is a free online virtual driver training for teens and parents. 

World-class instructors walk you through life-saving advanced safe driving skills. The program consists of 5 learning units that include 21 videos. These videos are each six minutes in length and offer an opportunity for parents and teens to talk about them together. The videos cover speed management, vehicle handling, hazard recognition, and driving position. Teens can test their knowledge with short quizzes and receive a certificate of completion. 

The Academy courses can be completed in one week by dedicating twenty minutes a day. The certificate of completion given at the end of the course can be presented to your insurance company to be considered for a rate reduction. 

Parents are essential in the development of safe teen drivers

Research shows that parents are essential in the development of their teenage drivers. Safety and wellbeing are a priority for teens on the road. Utilizing this time to strengthen the skills and relationship between parents and teens will ensure they feel supported in every situation.