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The Ford Mustang is an American sweetheart. The pony car has survived redesigns, oil crises, and recessions. Additionally, Mustang has proven to be more adaptable and survivable than ongoing competitors Challenger and Camaro. The Fox Body marks a transitional period in Mustang from old-school design language and round lights to more modern 1980s and 1990s styling. Although many Fox Bodies make cheap race car projects, this particular 1993 Mustang Saleen Fox Body will net some seriously crazy cash.

The 1993 Mustang Saleen SC Convertible is a hot commodity

Saleen Fox Body | Hagerty

If somebody told you a 1993 Ford Mustang Fox Body could sell for over $200,000, you might not believe them. That is the case for this one-owner Mustang Saleen SC convertible, though. The car has resided with the same person since the seller purchased it in 1993, with only minor changes since. 

CarBuzz states that the bidding war is indicative of the wildness we are seeing in the car market with both new and preowned cars. This Fox Body is a prime example, considering that the $200,000 bid marks over twice the Concours level estimation of the vehicle’s value. While that may seem bizarre, collectors will go the distance to acquire the car of their dreams. This Ford Mustang Saleen SC Convertible is likely that dream car for someone out there.

What makes the Saleen Fox Body so unique?

This Ford Mustang Saleen Fox Body Will Net Crazy Cash
1993 Ford Mustang Saleen SC Convertible | Bring a Trailer

While Mustang owners can purchase Saleen parts for the purposes of dressing up a standard Mustang, CarBuzz claims that recreating this Saleen would be difficult. The 1993 Ford Mustang Fox Body features a Saleen-modified version of the 5.0L V8 engine. Saleen installed a Vortech supercharger and tuned the car to a tire-shredding 450 horsepower. Next, Saleen complimented the blown V8 with a set of headers and an exhaust upgrade. Saleen then chose a Tremec five-speed transmission to channel the power of the V8, making for a sweet convertible hot rod.

Beyond the drivetrain performance and exhaust system, Saleen also tinkered with the handling aspects of the car. The Fox Body features Racecraft subframe connectors, as well as progressive lowering springs. Additionally, a keen observer will note the subtle “Saleen” in yellow script on the brake calipers. CarBuzz reports that the sole owner swapped the Racecraft equipment out for a Koni setup.  

Foxbody- Up to Speed | Donut Media

The modifications don’t stop at performance. The Fox Body features a spyder package, which sports the tonneau cover over the rear seating and a light bar. In addition to the spyder setup, the Mustang proudly wears a black and silver livery. The interior remains spartan, albeit with Recaro seats and leather trim. However, the purpose of the pony car is not to cruise in comfort; The purpose of the convertible muscle car is to roast tires and prompt smiles. 

This 1993 Ford Mustang Saleen SC Convertible is very, very rare

Ford Mustang Saleen Fox Body Will Net Crazy Cash
1993 Ford Mustang Saleen SC Convertible | Bring a Trailer

Perhaps what puts this Mustang over the top is how rare and limited this Saleen is. This 1993 Ford Mustang Saleen SC Convertible brandishes a little “03” on the bumper in reference to the number it holds in the limited edition. Given the amount of money this Mustang will sell for, that rarity clearly means something to some motivated bidders.


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