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MobileTech is a mobile technology service, but Ford is separating those words, putting mobile techs on the road. What’s one of the most frustrating pain points of car ownership?  You’re not alone if you answer the time spent in service center waiting rooms during service visits. Many drivers hate the interruptions caused by waiting at the dealership for service. Ford’s mobile tech service can change that for you.

Mobile car servicing is another COVID-19 development

It didn’t take car dealerships long to figure out how to sell vehicles in a no-contact world. Many dealerships turned to virtual test drives, vehicle tours, and vehicle deliveries to customer homes. Consumers could sign documents electronically and never be in the same room as the salesperson during the pandemic.

During this forced time at home, car service challenges arose. Ford introduced mobile tech services during this time to ensure fleets and consumers received appropriate vehicle services without leaving the comforts of home. This service has continued, but Ford will begin expanding it due to the extreme demand for service technicians.

This Ford Transit Van could be the service answer to Ford's backlog.
Ford Transit Van | iStock Photos/DarthArt

Automakers face troubles retaining service techs

Ford isn’t the only automaker with trouble retaining its automotive service technicians. This has created a backlog of damaged vehicles, which means that many customers may need to go elsewhere for regular service unless Ford finds a solution. Thankfully, the solution was right in front of them.

“From 2022 to 2023, Ford saw a surge from 274,000 to 1.2 million pickup and delivery runs, while mobile repairs grew from 309,000 to 1.1 million visits.”

Said Deep to the Detroit Free Press

Mobile repair and servicing is already a big part of Ford’s business; now, the company is expanding this service to meet the needs of Ford customers.

What is Ford’s mobile tech service

This service allows Ford certified automotive technicians to visit customers’ homes and worksites to provide necessary maintenance services and minor vehicle repairs. This is a great way for a fleet operator to receive desired servicing for a large fleet of Ford trucks and vans, but it also works great for regular consumers.

Typically, at-home automotive services are only offered for luxury vehicles, but this could answer Ford’s backlog. Where there’s a need, a solution must be found; Ford has the answer to allow customers to avoid the long waits in service center waiting rooms. The Ford mobile tech service solves a serious customer pain point. It also makes things more convenient, allowing drivers to experience little interruption and inconvenience.

Source: The U.S. Sun