Ford F-150 Features You Need in Your Life

The Ford F-150 offers no shortage of features. Whether you’re in the market for a pickup that boasts a reasonable amount of towing power or a pickup that encourages you to be at your most productive, you need these Ford F-150 features in your life.

2021 Ford F-150 parked on top of rocks
All-new F-150 Platinum in Iconic Silver. | Ford

Choose a Ford F-150 with these features if you plan on towing

There’s no beating around the bush here. The Ford F-150 is one strong pickup. This year’s model can tow a pretty impressive amount when equipped with the right engine and features. Consider first the F-150’s available 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 engine, which will have you pulling a maximum of 14,000-pounds. 

The new Ford F-150 is available with plenty of tow-ready features too. Take, for example, its available Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature, which helps the driver steer the pickup from a knob on the dash. As Kelley Blue Book explains it, “The design makes backing up a trailer a cinch. The real party trick is not telling your friends that you have the system the next time you’re backing your boat down a ramp.”

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The new Ford F-150 is available with an onboard generator

Picture this. Your house is out of power, and you don’t have a generator on hand. What you do have sitting in your driveway, however, is a new Ford F-150. And that new Ford F-150? It features an onboard generator. That’s right. Unlike other pickups on the market today, the Ford F-150 is available with an onboard generator.

Its onboard generator has been a lifesaver for some too. In fact, this Ford F-150 feature helped many Texans power their homes during an unprecedented winter storm earlier this year. “Without it I would have been in the dark and cold like everybody else in the neighborhood,” Randy Jones of Katy, Texas, told CNBC at the time.

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These features will have you using the F-150 as a mobile office

Maybe things like towing power and onboard generators don’t matter all that much to you. Perhaps, the Ford F-150 features you’re in the market for focus less on power and more on productivity. If that’s the case, then you’re bound to enjoy the Ford F-150’s long list of productivity-centric features.

First up is the Ford F-150’s 12-inch touchscreen display featuring the latest generation of SYNC. This touchscreen display utilizes features like voice recognition and cloud-based connectivity. The Ford F-150 is also available with features like FordPass Connect and the FordPass app, which allows you to start the pickup remotely. And if those features aren’t enough to inspire productivity? Consider a new F-150 outfitted with features like an interior and tailgate work surface.  

The Ford F-150 features an available tailgate work surface.
The Ford F-150 features an available Tailgate Work Surface. | Ford

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Is it time you buy a new Ford F-150?

There’s a lot to like about the Ford F-150, especially if you’re in the market for a pickup that’s loaded with features. To find out if this year’s model is the right pick for you, though? Well, that’s going to take a test drive.