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Sadly, I’m too young to make Total Recall jokes about the Ford F-150. The movie came out in 1990, and I was born in 1991. But hopefully, the movie is a little supernatural and spooky, because it would relate to the Ford this year. Models like the Ford F-150 have been slammed with recall after recall. 

2023 Ford F-150 recall due to airbag problems 

The 2023 Ford F-150 driving on the road
2023 Ford F-150 | Ford

The Ford Motor Company issued a recall for roughly 17,696 2023 Ford F-150 models due to another airbag problem. 

This time, the problem is related to the airbags in the steering wheel. The steering wheel clock spring assembly may have been incorrectly welded between the bus bar and ribbon cable. 

As a result, the driver’s frontal airbag could lose electrical connections and the airbag warning lamp might illuminate on the dash. Switches on the steering wheel may not illuminate or function properly either. 

However, the biggest problem with the electrical short is related to proper airbag deployment. Without a connection, the airbag may not deploy during an accident, increasing the risk of injuries. 

Ford is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to this problem and will notify affected owners via mail starting by January 8th, 2024. The number for this recall is 23V847. 

If your truck is involved, you must take it to a local Ford dealership for service. Dealers will inspect the clock spring and replace it if needed at no cost to owners. 

You will be notified via mail when replacement parts become available, which may not occur until the second quarter of 2024. 

The airbag recall earlier in the year involved the passenger-side airbag. It may have been installed with a front panel that blocks it from properly deploying. 

How many recalls does the 2023 F-150 have?

The 2023 Ford F-150 currently has five recalls at the time of writing. Two are related to the airbag problems above. The 2022 model has 12, so there’s still time for the 2023 F-150 to experience more trouble. 

The rest include: 

  1. Unexpected activation of the electronic parking brake 
  2. A fracturing front axle 
  3. A loose bolt in the transmission, leading to rollaways 

Ford is up to about 56 recalls for the year. It has been fighting Honda this month as the automaker with the most recalls. 

Before a Maverick and F-150 recall was issued this week, Ford’s recalls impacted 5,692,135 vehicles. Now a few hundred thousand can be added to the total. Honda has up to 6.3 million recalled vehicles.