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The Jeep Wrangler is hard to beat. This is a lesson that the Ford Bronco has been learning despite being a solid rival to consider. But for some reason, Ford Bronco sales are slipping with a decline in sales at the end of 2023.

The Ford Bronco faces declining sales

The Ford Bronco sold 30,670 models during the fourth quarter of 2022. Then it only moved 14,197 models during the fourth quarter of 2023. This is a sales decrease of 16,473 units or -53.71%.

In 2022, the Bronco sold 117,057 SUVs and in 2023, it moved 105,665 units. This is a year-over-year decrease of 11,392 or -9.73%.

However, the Jeep Wrangler also experienced decreased sales. In 2022, it sold 181,410 models and in 2023 it moved 155,491 models. That’s a decrease of 25,919 SUVs, but it ended the year with 49.826 sales ahead of the Bronco.

The Bronco sales decline might not be caused by a lack of consumer interest. It may face growing pains with the launch of the 2024 Ford Ranger.

The 2024 Ford Bronco off-roading in sand
2024 Ford Bronco | Ford

Both the Bronco and the Ranger are manufactured at the same assembly plant in Michigan and Ford has been working to have a smooth Ranger launch. However, Ranger models are facing a delay and could be slowing Bronco production down.

Ford is still recovering from the United Auto Workers (UAW) that shut the factory down for six weeks. Plus, new supply chain constraints are causing havoc.

The supply chain shortages caused Ford to drop the keyless entry pad and the base model from the lineup. Ford might be waiting for parts to complete some models too.

In 2020, thousands of incomplete Ford F-150 models piled up until the right parts could be sourced to complete the builds.

Also, some 2023 Bronco orders couldn’t be fulfilled and were pushed back until 2024. But the reservation bank for the 2024 Bronco still opened back in August. Waiting for the 2024 Bronco could take between six months to a year.