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You may have heard that the Ford Bronco Sport is just a Ford Escape wearing an Otter Box. This isn’t too far from the thrush as the Ford Bronco Sport does borrow a lot from the Escape. However, another more popular Ford vehicle borrows from the Escape too. 

The Ford Maverick is the best Ford Escape model 

The Ford Bronco Sport is a rugged SUV based on the Escape, but the Ford Maverick is the Escape with a truck bed. Technically the Bronco Sport sold more models than the Maverick in 2023. 

However, the Maverick has been working to ramp up production and has higher percentages of sales increases. If the Maverick and Bronco Sport had the same production, the Maverick could outsell it. 

A majority of outlets rank the Maverick as a top truck to buy, while the Bronco Sport falls to third place or lower on the list of best SUVs to buy. But to be fair, the Maverick doesn’t have as much competition. 

The Ford Bronco Sport and Escape share the same platform. But the Bronco Sport has a wider track and shorter distance between the axles, so it rides differently. It’s not as smooth as the Escape. 

Plus, they have different body designs, glass, and roof panels. The Bronco Sport provides a little more passenger and cargo space. Plus, the Bronco Sport has a more rugged suspension design for off-roading. It has a rear differential. 

The Bronco Sport and the Escape have the same gas-powered engines, but the Bronco Sport doesn’t have a hybrid or PHEV option. The Bronco Sport only offers AWD while the Escape has FWD available. 

The Ford Maverick is also based on the Escape with the same platform and shared engines as well. It has an available hybrid powertrain that can’t be paired with AWD, like the Escape. 

However, the Maverick has more in common with the Bronco Sport, including the same gas engine, and a similar suspension design. The wheelbase is longer in the Maverick to account for the extra length of the bed. 

The Maverick and Bronco Sport have similar interior layouts with the same infotainment system and shared tech. Plus, the Maverick Tremor keeps up with the Bronco Badlands. 

While the Bronco Sport may offer more passenger and cargo storage, the Maverick has the utility of a truck bed. Plus, the 2024 Bronco Sport starts at $31,230 while the 2024 Maverick starts at $23,400. 

The Escape and Bronco Sport have their benefits, but nothing can beat the affordable price and practicality of the Maverick. However, each option shares crucial components.