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As much as automakers enjoy seeing their vehicles featured in car critics’ reviews and rankings, nothing beats sales. While a strongly worded review from a big-name publication could influence shoppers, it’s the consumer vote that matters. Based on sales figures for the third quarter of 2023, Ford appears strong going into the new model year. 

Ford sees Q3 sales increases in two key segments

Ford saw sales growth in two key segments for Q3 2023. With the general expansion of the EV and hybrid vehicle market, it’s not surprising that Ford capitalized on that growth. However, given the recent state of fuel prices, increased sales of trucks and vans were somewhat unexpected. 

Ford electrified vehicle sales increase in Q3 2023

Ford saw a 14.8% increase in Q3 EV sales, with 20,962 EVs sold in Q3 2023. That figure marked Ford’s highest quarterly EV sales to date. Additionally, Ford’s hybrid vehicle lineup sales saw even more substantial growth. 

While Ford’s EV lineup includes the Ford F-150 Lightning and E-Transit van, it was the Mustang Mach-E that carried the growth. In 2023’s third quarter, consumers purchased 14,842 Mustang Mach-Es, a 42.5% increase over Q3 2022, says GoodCarBadCar. Q3 2023 also saw the Ford E-Transit post its best quarterly sales figure, 2,617 units, an 89.8% increase. 

Meanwhile, Ford’s hybrid vehicle sales grew by 41.4% during Q3 2023 over last year. The hybrid Ford F-150 contributed to the 34,861 overall hybrid vehicle sales, with 12,311. Additionally, the Ford Maverick continues gaining popularity, with its hybrid version accounting for 13,521 sales. The remainder of Ford’s hybrid offerings, including the hybrid Explorer and Escape and the plug-in hybrid Escape, saw increased sales and pre-orders as well. 

Ford trucks and vans have also seen increased sales

It’s no secret that the Ford F-Series is America’s most popular pickup truck. 2023 continues to prove that, with Q3 seeing a 13.4% increase over last year. While Q3 saw 190,477 F-Series sales, year-to-date sales topped 573,370 units. 

The all-new F-Series Super Duty trucks and the smaller Ford Maverick also had the highest Q3 truck-segment sales percentage gains. Third quarter Super Duty sales increased by 17.6%, and Maverick sales jumped by 83.4%. Ford’s line of Transit vans also saw strong growth, increasing sales by 28.3%. 

In its press release, Ford’s vice president of sales, distribution, and trucks, Andrew Frick, said the company’s sales growth came from “providing choice to our customers.” Using the 2024 Ford F-Series as an example, the available choices include:

  • A fully electric powertrain in the F-150 Lightning
  • A hybrid powertrain available in multiple F-150 trims
  • Multiple gasoline-only powertrain options
  • Diesel-powered engine options
  • Two-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Single, crew, and super crew cab options
  • Long or short bed variants
  • Eight trim levels for the F-150 alone

In addition to offering its customers a range of options, including EV, hybrid, gas, and diesel powertrains, Ford vehicles exhibit long-lasting quality and dependability at a competitive price. That’s likely why consumers continue to respond to Ford when making their buying decisions.