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Uh oh, the title starts with Florida man, so you know this is about to be a wild story. Unfortunately, a Ram 1500 was involved but the truck was innocent. The crazy driver subjected the Ram truck to abuse!

Florida man tries surfing with a Ram 1500

Just when Florida men were starting to settle down, another one decided to get a little crazy. But to be fair, this man who tried to go surfing with his Ram 1500 is actually from New York.

Jason Bruzuszkiewicz came down to get a break from the cold and enjoy the sun and ended up taking things too far.

He wanted to drive on the beach and did so illegally. He drove to the New Smyrna Beach shore around 9 a.m. and drove around closed access gates to get in the sand.

The beach was closed to vehicles at the time due to high tide and severe wind. The 48-year-old man also failed to pay the vehicular access fee required for driving on the beach.

In a video clip, you can see Jason driving into the surf and raveling through the shallow water. He even tries to do donuts at one point.

Three lifeguards saw the truck on the empty beach and approached it in case Jason needed medical attention then called the police as Jason went further into the water. Jason opened his truck door once as water entered the cabin, closed it, and backed onto the beach.

When the police arrived Jason had a bit of an attitude and explained that he wanted to drive on the beach. The cops explained that the beach was closed due to dangerous water.

Then he snapped back with, “It’s not my fault the truck don’t surf.” This is true, it’s not his fault that the Ram 1500 can’t surf. However, even if it could, the beach was still closed due to the weather.

Police arrested Jason and took him to the Volusia County Branch Jail. He was charged with a violation of Volusia County Ordinance 20-174, the failure to pay a vehicular access fee and was held on a $200 bond.

The police had the Ram 1500 towed away from the beach. Jason is lucky that the truck was easily recovered from the surf or things could have been much more expensive.