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Today Kia released images of 2025 versions of two of their most popular vehicles, the Carnival minivan and K5 sedan, formerly the Optima. Both are mid-cycle refreshes that give each model more character and up-to-date looks. Let’s take a look at the K5 first.

What are the 2025 Kia K5 changes?

2025 Kia K5 sedan black trim version
2025 Kia K5 sedan | Kia

We salute Kia for sticking with sedans when most automakers are dumping them left and right. The fifth-gen K5 was all new four years ago, and this is its first refresh. As is typical for the times, the fascia gets new headlights and a front bumper cover with big intakes. 

2025 Kia K5 sedan in studio shot
2025 Kia K5 sedan | Kia

What is not typical are the S-slash parking lights that look like lightning bolts. Besides the new fascia, the rear is getting new, larger taillights and exhaust tips. New alloy wheel designs and a blackout treatment with more brightwork in black are more exterior changes.

2025 Kia K5 sedan dash and seats
2025 Kia K5 sedan | Kia

Inside is where the K5 changes things up. Now, it features two curving screens with a head-up display. There is also a new rotary dial for changing gears. A fingerprint sensor can be found on the center console, too. Both ICE and hybrid versions will be available. 

What changes does the 2025 Kia Carnival feature?

2025 Kia Carnival minivan in industrial background
2025 Kia Carnival minivan | Kia

For the Carnival, things kick off with a new fascia. This includes new headlights and LED accents running from the side markers going into the grille. There is also a unique interlocking texture for the grille. New geometric wheels add a futuristic industrial look. 

2025 Kia Carnival minivan in industrial background
2025 Kia Carnival minivan | Kia

Kia is adding a new trim it calls Gravity. Most of the trim and window surrounds get black paint, including blackout wheels. Kia isn’t providing any interior shots at this early stag,e but looking at the K5’s refresh, we are expecting similar changes to the cabin—more on that as Kia releases more about the Carnival.

What engines do the Carnival and K5 get?

2025 Kia Carnival minivan with wall in background
2025 Kia Carnival minivan | Kia

Engines will remain the same for both the K5 and Carnival. That means a 3.5-liter V6 and eight-speed transmission for the Carnival. There is also a 1.6-liter hybrid turbo engine similar to the Sorento’s drivetrain. 

Power for the K5 comes with a lot to choose from. There is a naturally-aspirated 160 hp 2.0-liter, a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder with 180 hp, a 2.0-liter with Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) and 146 hp, and a 2.0-liter hybrid version with 152 hp from the engine and 38.6 kW from the electric motor. 

2025 Kia K5 front detail
2025 Kia K5 | Kia

The 2023 Kia K5 Might Be the Best Kept Secret in the Industry

Both of these updated Kias are already being sold in South Korea, and we’ll be getting ours for the 2025 model year. Kia continues to be on a roll,, and the refresh of these two models looks to continue the automaker’s assent.