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Nissan has given dealers more info on the forthcoming 2024 Armada full-size SUV, which we’ll pass along. This is the first all-new Armada since its debut in 2010. It got a facelift in 2021, from its second-generation guise in 2016 as a 2017 model. But underneath that new-looking 2017 skin, it was still the first generation, making it 13 years old. Time to welcome the new!

Is the 2024 Nissan Armada getting a new drivetrain?

2023 Nissan Armada SUV front 3/4 view
2023 Nissan Armada SUV | Nissan

The big news, besides the exterior styling, is the powertrain. Gone is the 5.6-liter V8, replaced instead by a twin-turbo V6 engine with 424 hp. This packs more power than the V8’s 400 hp figure. There was no news on whether there will be a hybrid version. But if not at its initial release, we expect the option to become available by 2025. 

Backing the V6 is a nine-speed automatic transmission. This news follows Toyota’s Land Cruiser switch from V8 to its own twin-turbo V6. Continuing traditional full-size SUV packages, the 2024 Armada will remain a three-row with body-on-frame construction and standard all-wheel drive. 

Does Nissan have other new models coming soon?

2023 Nissan Armada SUV dash image
2023 Nissan Armada SUV | Nissan

Dealers that took in the images of the new Armada and those of the Nissan Kicks and Murano at the Las Vegas confab noted the Armada’s interior is more luxurious-looking. It features larger screens and the latest tech and safety aids. However, we expect the top trims to still be under that of the sister Infiniti Qx80

And speaking of the Qx80, it will have its unveiling sometime in 2024. But the Armada, known as the Patrol in most other parts of the world, will officially debut later this year. Sales should come soon after in 2024. Pricing has not been released, but we expect more specs and news hopefully next month or in October. 

What new Nissan EVs are on the horizon?

Charcoal 2023 Nissan Armada SUV towing
2023 Nissan Armada SUV | Nissan

Nissan is in the middle of its electrification makeover. To that end, it says there will be 19 global EVs launching between now and 2030. Since almost kicking off the EV onslaught in 2011, the Leaf will get an electric crossover replacement by 2025. 

Around the time of that launch comes the EV replacement for the Maxima sedan that Nissan calls a performance sedan, according to Automotive News. And right after that is a new crossover, though Nissan isn’t saying anything to give us a clue as to what it will be. 

But overall, the good news is that after years of stagnation in its lineup, the Japanese automaker has finally got some spark in its step with a gang of new models starting to come right now. Maybe the best part is that it says it wants these new models to be so compelling that there will be no need for dealers to incentivize sales.


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