Extending a Golf Carts Life Is a Matter of Regular Maintenance

If one has used a golf cart to get around the campground or golf course, then they know how handy such a vehicle can be. Unfortunately, not everybody knows how to take care of them. So, some of the poor creatures won’t last very long. Regular maintenance, however, will elongate the service lives of electric and gas golf carts. Fortunately, most of that maintenance is extremely easy. 

Battery terminal maintenance

The red positive jumper cable is attached to the positive terminal at the top of a yellow car battery.
Car battery charging | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Many of the things to consider when servicing a golf cart are very similar to light maintenance on a car, truck, van, or SUV. Over time the battery posts may accrue buildup. The continued buildup can lead to the loss of a robust electrical connection. So, it is important to keep the battery posts clean. Use a battery terminal cleaner spray (wear eye protection). This will break down the buildup and ensure a good electrical path through the battery posts and into the electrical wiring and system. 

Golf cart tire care

Tire care for a golf cart is no different than for the regular maintenance on a car. Make sure the tires have the correct pressure and adequate tread depth. Are you serious? Tread depth concerns on a golf cart? Yes, monitor the tread depth. If the tires are bald, and the cart goes out after a rain, the tires may lose traction on grass and slide down even a small hill. Also, check the tires for cracking. Many owners never think of changing the tires on a golf cart. So, the tires may be old and showing cracks. If they are showing those signs, think about replacing them. 

Windshield, seat, and enclosure cleaning or maintenance

A selection of custom golf carts are on display at a dealership
A selection of custom golf carts are on display at a dealership in Rancho Mirage, CA. | Photo by Paul Harris/Newsmakers

Custom Golf Cart Body Kits Are Real and Awesome

A lot of owners are content to let their golf cart buggies rot away. But, a golf cart can have a long life with simple maintenance. Just like with a car, washing or wiping the cart down can keep harmful surface debris from building up on the finished or seating surfaces. A good wash for the body will take care of limiting the harmful environmental effects and remove the bugs from the windshield too! While washing the cart, also keep an eye out for anything that needs repair, like a cracked panel or a loose component. 

Regular maintenance on a golf cart will prolong its life. It will also contribute to a higher value if one should decide to trade it in. As recreational vehicles, the hope is that these vehicles will last a good long time. That way, one can make many recreational related memories. Whether the cart is used at the golf course, at a campground, on campus, or as an airport shuttle, their enjoyment is only really noticed when they suddenly can not be used. Poor maintenance can be a cause of a cart’s failure. But, if an owner sticks with regular maintenance, then the cart won’t end up being a surprise disappointment, hopefully for a good long time.