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Toyota just issued another Tundra recall, this time affecting every 2022 and 2023 Tundra pickup up to the time the issue was caught. And that issue is a leaking fuel line. The recall involves over 168,000 Tundras in all. 

Leaks in the fuel lines are from a brake line that rubs against what Toyota calls a “plastic fuel tube.” We think this is just another name for a fuel line. Anyway, Toyota says the fuel tube “could move and rub against the brake line and develop a fuel leak.”

What should recalled Tundra truck owners do?

2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup driven on highway
2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup | Toyota

Right now, Toyota doesn’t have a newly-designed part to replace the fuel line. So this recall will involve taking the truck to the dealer twice. The first fix is temporary, involving clamping a shield around the line that can receive damage, as well as moving it away from the brake line. 

Once Toyota develops a part to permanently fix the problem, owners will receive notices to return their trucks to dealerships for the permanent fix. Owners won’t receive any recall notices before October 2023. As of now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has yet to assign an identification number.

Hasn’t the Tundra pickup been recalled a lot lately?

2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup in desert at dusk
2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup | Toyota

This latest generation of the Toyota Tundra was all-new last year and has seen a plague of recalls. For its first year, there were six separate recalls. These included safety issues like axle shafts exiting housings, emergency brakes not engaging, and software issues with the backup camera. 

For 2023, Toyota is on par to meet or exceed 2022 recalls. So far, there have been five recalls for the Tundra. The first recall was a simple one in November 2022 for incorrect weight capacity stickers with factory spray-on liners. 

Next, a recall came in February this year over instrument panel displays going blank. The next month, the recall was for tonneau covers flying off of Tundra beds when driven. The latest is from a couple of weeks ago. This one is for spare tires that might detach from the truck. 

Who can Toyota Tundra owners contact?

Silver 2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup front 3/4 view
2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup | Toyota

And the one today is the fifth. This many recalls for one Toyota product is highly unusual as the Japanese automaker is known for its quality. There are decidedly many fewer recalls from Toyota than the norm, from NHTSA data. However, the carmaker with the least amount of recalls is actually Mazda. It had only one recall for all of 2022.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this recall, you can either contact Toyota’s recall center or the NHTSA. Have your VIN handy, as you’ll need to plug it into either site. 


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