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As more and more manufacturers jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon, we’re seeing more than just cars built for efficiency. While that is a major selling point of EVs, they also can be quite performance-oriented.

Electric motors offer instant torque and power that the majority of gasoline cars can’t even come close to competing with. So, many manufacturers are taking advantage of electric vehicle technology to build relentless performance cars. One of which is the new electric Lexus supercar that’s said to potentially be a successor to the LFA.

Electric Lexus supercar is coming in 2025, bringing massive charge range and brutal acceleration

2025 Lexus Battery Electric supercar on racetrack taking corner
2025 Lexus Electric Supercar | Lexus

According to Car and Driver, Lexus has yet to identify a name for its electric supercar. However, the company has been slow-feeding some exciting information about it.

First and foremost, this vehicle is set to debut for the 2025 model year. While that may seem pretty far off at this point, rest assured that it will sneak up faster than you’d think. If this seems like something you’re interested in, you’d best start saving now!

There isn’t any specific power figure from Lexus as of yet. However, the car is said to have a rocket-ship-like acceleration. Given its all-electric nature, that makes sense. Again, there are no specific numbers, but Car and Driver says that it’s expected to be in the low two-second range. If you’re unfamiliar, that immediately puts it among the fastest accelerating cars on the planet.

It’s got just as much show as it does go, too. The preliminary renderings show a remarkably sleek-looking two-door sports car design not too dissimilar from the current LC500. However, given that it doesn’t need massive air intakes up front for an engine, it takes on a much more aerodynamic wedge shape. Complimenting its shape is a heap of body lines to direct airflow where it’s most needed.

Finally, the new electric Lexus supercar doesn’t just feature remarkable numbers when it comes to performance. It’s also said to have a pretty remarkable charge range. According to C&D, the new EV supercar is slated to have about 435 miles of charge range. That’s about 30 miles more than the longest-range Tesla offering and puts it on pace with some Lucid Air models.

How much will this electric supercar cost?

Rear view of 2025 Lexus electric supercar rendering showing shapely tail lights
2025 Lexus electric supercar, rear | Lexus

Given that it’s still about three years out, it’s hard to put a price estimate on this new electric supercar beast. However, Car and Driver put it at an estimated $100,000 for now. Unfortunately, that seems a bit low in the grand scheme of things.

For reference, the LFA that it is spiritually succeeding came with a price tag of $350,000 when new. Of course, Lexus only built 500 of those iconic cars. So, it’s hard to say whether this is going to be comparable. Hopefully, the new electric supercar will be a bit more widely available than the iconic LFA. The LFA didn’t sell very well, so it seems in the best interest of Lexus to make this go around a bit more attainable.

All said and done, though, $100,000 seems pretty optimistic. The upper-end of the Porsche Taycan electric vehicle starts at $185,000 MSRP and can easily eclipse $200,000 in today’s market. Additionally, both the Lucid Air Dream and Mercedes EQS carry six-figure price tags. So, for a super stylish supercar, it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see a much higher price tag.

Only time will tell! For now, all the world can do is keep drooling over these awesome renderings!


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